The Women’s Center hosted the annual Mother-Daughter Afternoon Tea on September 27, 2013 during Family Weekend and it was an incredible success!  This event is always a great way to be involved in creating a Body Positive environment at the University of Virginia.

How we feel about ourselves is a deeply personal matter but, unfortunately, we reach certain conclusions based on the influences of the world around us.  The messages we receive from our families, peers and medical professionals play a crucial role in our development.  Combined with what we see in the media, the impact can be powerful.

Body Positive mugs

Celebrate Every Body mugs

For this reason, it is increasingly important that we begin focusing on our strengths rather than our perceived weaknesses.  Since “Fat Talk” has become so common in our conversations and beliefs, shifting our perceptions and speech will take a conscious effort on our part.  The Women’s Center is committed to helping facilitate that environment for change.

This year, 22 wonderful people joined us for tea, sandwiches and healthy discussions geared towards fostering healthy body image among our students.

We have already received incredibly positive feedback from attendees, including this heartwarming message from a mother:

“I wanted to thank you for the tea last Friday.  That will be one of the most special memories I will ever have with my daughter. Sharing with the other girls and their mothers meant a lot to the both of us.”

We are grateful for the support and are already looking forward to next year’s Mother-Daughter Tea!

Photos by Jen Oakes