Every week brings something new, interesting, and exciting. Let us fill you in on what’s been happening in and out of the Women’s Center.

1. Understanding the requirements of Title IX can be confusing. Luckily for us, U.Va.’s new Title IX Coordinator, Kelly Hodge, stopped by the Women’s Center to offer some clarity.

2. Feminist activists took over the red carpet of the Suffragette premiere in response to the recent defunding of domestic violence services in the UK.

3. The Charlottesville Police Department is receiving specialized training on how to effectively handle domestic violence cases in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

4. Boxgirls in Nairobi tries to break the stereotype that certain things are for men only while teaching women self-defense.

5. Tricia O’Donnell and Nora Arkin spent last weekend in San Diego at the NEDA Conference where they expanded their knowledge of eating disorders treatment, support, and prevention. They even had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Siebel Newsom, co-founder of The Representation Project.


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