Every week brings something new, interesting, and exciting. Let us fill you in on what’s been happening in and out of the Women’s Center.

1. Iris Magazine hosted the, “Every Body has a Story to Tell” pop-up photo gallery this week. Check out iris.virginia.edu for the full gallery!

2. Claire Kaplan’s receipt of the Serpentine Society’s Bernard D. Mayes Award made November a memorable month.

3. Sammy Scheman has a new way of understanding what it means to be an empowered woman after HerCampus’, “How She Made UVA Campus, HerCampus” event.

4. According to MLP Big Brother Luke Williams, the best thing to do is hike O’Hill to look at the stars on a clear night.

5. After years of debate, all jobs in the US military’s combat units are now open to women.

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