Two of our staff members, Charlotte Chapman and Rashona Sharpless, have each had a fun and unique experience with the UVA Women’s Basketball team over the last several weeks.


Director of Counseling and former University of Richmond Lady Spider, Charlotte Chapman, was invited to be an honorary coach with the UVA Women’s Basketball team. Attending practice and watching the game from just behind the bench, Charlotte witnessed the hard work and dedication of our Virginia Women’s team first-hand, while reminiscing back to her own experience as a college athlete.

2015-12-29 19.03.31“It was an interesting experience watching the practice and hearing the coaches’ strategies. Then seeing the game from behind the bench, the intensity and how fast it was – so different from the practice- but I could see the plays that had been discussed. I was very impressed by the students and coaches and the amount of information they have to discuss and remember just for one game. And of course, they won by 20 points which was amazing!

It was quite a contrast to see the facilities that the women’s team has here at UVA. When I played basketball at the University of Richmond, we had to play in the gym on the Westhampton Campus. There were no seats at the court level. We did not practice or play in the Robbins Center, on the other side of campus as that was considered the men’s facility. It was the 70’s.

I was so glad to see the large turn out of fans for the UVA Women’s game, especially during the holiday break, and also to see the quality of the training facilities the female students have now. Thanks to Title Nine and everyone who supports women’s sports.”


At another Women’s game, our MLP Coordinator stepped onto the court in a different way. Women’s Center Jazzercise enthusiast and instructor in training, Rashona Sharpless, performed with the Charlottesville Jazzercise group during the halftime show of the Women’s Basketball game.