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When did you attend UVA? What did you study?
I graduated UVA in 2015 with a double major in Foreign Affairs and Women, Gender & Sexuality. I am very passionate about girls’ access to education in the developing world because of my academic background.

What work did you do with the Women’s Center?
I started off volunteering as a mentor through the Young Women Leaders Program, which is how I discovered the WGS department. I stayed involved for two more years as a group facilitator. Being a facilitator was one of the most meaningful experiences of my college career. I also interned with YWLP during my third year and worked as the student assistant to the director during my fourth year.


Carrie with Women’s Center founder and former Director, Sharon Davie

What are you doing now?
I work in UVA’s development office as a Bicentennial Ambassador. My role is to complete discovery visits to build relationships on behalf of UVA as we are approaching our Bicentennial. I became passionate about education because of my involvement at the Women’s Center and it is very meaningful to give back to my own educational institution in this way!

What was your very first job and what’s something you learned from it?
I am still working my first full time job! One thing that it has taught me is to keep an open mind. I never thought that I would end up starting a career in development (fundraising), but it turns out that I had the right skills and background to be successful here. I am enjoying it so much and learn something new every day. Plus, I get to travel all the time!

What’s something you learned in school/college that turned out to be useful later, in some way you didn’t expect?
The skills that I learned outside of the classroom were just as important as the material that I studied. My ability to connect with and motivate different personalities comes from my involvement with my sorority and with YWLP. It is something that I use every day.

What was your favorite memory from working with the Women’s Center?
My favorite memory was traveling to the YWLP site in Cameroon to work on the Global Connections curriculum. It was amazing to see the impact that they are having and how it is related to our impact in Charlottesville. The Women’s Center is truly changing lives (including my own) around the world.

What’s the best part of staying in Charlottesville?
There are so many things to choose from! I appreciate that there are a ton of outdoor activities to do in Charlottesville. I love hiking and the coolest trail I have discovered nearby is Cold Mountain. I am also a foodie so the restaurants are a plus. And my friends and family visit all the time because they love Charlottesville too! Charlottesville is a great place to live as a recent grad.

Looking back, what advice would you give your former, intern (or Big)-self?
Take a breath and learn how to say no. I was guilty of overwhelming my schedule with activities and leadership roles as a student. I loved all of the organizations that I was part of, but I could have performed better in each role if I limited myself to a few at a time. It also would have given me more time to spend with friends. College is probably the last time you will live in such close proximity to all of your closest friends, so you should savor it!