Every week brings something new, interesting, and exciting. Let us fill you in on what’s been happening in and out of the Women’s Center.

1. An important reminder from poet Gail Wronsky: “There are too many people out there—men and women–who will try to dismiss you or silence you because you are a woman, because you’re cute, or because you’re overweight. Don’t let them. You have work to do.” Read more about her experience at UVA, the Women’s Center, and the advice from Sharon Davie she wished she had taken.

2. Using a creative health comic featuring a Kenyan girl named Nia, Megan White Mukuria and ZanaAfrica are working hard to educate girls about their bodies and reproductive health, with the hopes of empowering these young women to stay in school and get as much out of their education as possible. Megan White Mukuria is the first global leader to be spotlighted in our, “Awe-inspiring International Women Leaders” series, a feature of our International Women’s Month initiative. Check out our calendar for events during March.

3. Our 2016 YWLP global intern, Audrey Ogendi, set off for Cameroon last weekend, where she will be spending two weeks visiting the Cameroon Sister Sites with Caroline Beringyuy.

4. While most people might think of large, historic fraternity houses, beer pong, and Taylor Swift, when they picture the parties of their college years, Kimia Nikseresht sees her experience reflected in Rihanna’s video for her new hit, “Work.”

5. Snowmageddon may have canceled National Women and Girls in Sports Day back in January, but we are still honoring the 1991 Women’s Lacrosse team! Come out to Klockner stadium on Saturday, March 12th to support the current UVA Women’s Lacrosse team as well as the past. We will be honoring the 1991 NCAA championship team’s great achievements during halftime.


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