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Student Spotlight: Ebob Besong

Get to know YWLP Big Sister, Ebob Besong!

What do you miss the most about your hometown when you're at UVA?
I miss London a lot, especially the rain and grey and cloudy skies. I probably miss English breakfasts more than anything!

Why are you passionate about the Women's Center?
I love that the Women's Center has so many resources to offer women, men, children, and people from all walks of life. The Women's Center strives to help others and has an enormous impact on our Charlottesville community. I am especially passionate about the Young Women Leaders Program, which empowers middle school girls to reach their full potential and to be confident in their abilities, and expands their horizons and broadens their knowledge about our world and the social issues we face. The Women's Center has dedicated so much time, money, and resources to this program, and I can see the positive effects. These middle school girls are our future, and the Women's Center is doing a great thing by investing in them.

What's something you know you do differently than most people?
I type differently from most people-- I only use 9 fingers, and my left pinky just rests off to the side!

What is your favorite UVA Tradition?
My favourite UVa traditions are the ones that require you to get out of your UVA bubble to explore our beautiful and eclectic city. Some of my favourite things are hiking Turk mountain in the Shenandoah National Park; jumping off the rocks at the quarry; and apple picking in autumn and peach picking in the summer.

If you had access to a time machine, where and when would you go?
I would want a time machine to take me to Greenwich Village in the sixties.

What's a fun fact you'd like people to know about you?
All of my friends have heard this fun fact many times, but I have lived on three different continents (Europe, Africa, and North America)!

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