It’s the rare ‘Hoo who was able to make time for every #GivingToHoosDay post and email from around the University. We’re glad you’ve taken the time to read this one as this part is both awfully important and a whole lot of fun! We’re here to say THANK YOU for giving and for staying tuned:

1. Thank YOU, all 98 of you, who made #GivingToHoosDay donations to the Women’s Center. UVA has an abundance of worthy programs and we take great pride in the strong demonstration of support for the Women’s Center made by the University community on GivingToHoosDay. We are thrilled to report that the Women’s Center received $7,569 in gifts. Thanks to you, the programs and services we offer to everyone in the UVA community, as well as the Charlottesville community, can continue to blossom.

2. Another big thank you goes to those who aimed their support at getting others involved. Anne Cascells and Margaret Casscells-Hamby (CLAS ’82) offered the matching challenge that doubled the value of the many donations we received, and Amy Gardner of Scarpa, provided the $100 gift certificate that will soon be awarded to one of our donors. (Look for an announcement of our winner as soon as the full details from the day are available to us. Understandably, complete and accurate reports from the 5,800 gifts made on #GivingToHoosDay will take some time to be disseminated across Grounds! Our colleagues are still at work finalizing the numbers compiled from online and offline donations received by all of the University’s schools and over 30 other programs. Our thanks go to them, too, for their work to make GivingToHoosDay such a success.)

IMG_02503. TIMG_0242hank you, ISC! The Inter-Sorority Council here at UVA contributed a great deal to our #GivingToHoosDay total as well with their, ISCweets bake sale. Many thanks to them for donating their time to not only sell baked goods to benefit the Women’s Center, but bake the many treats as well. (And let us tell you, there were many.) From their bake sale they were able to contribute $244.37 to our challenge.

4. Thanks, as always, to our stellar staff. Several of our staff members served as #GivingToHoosDay Digital Ambassadors spreading the word about #GivingToHoosDay and the Women’s Center’s matching challenge. Our own Rashona Sharpless came in 6th place in the overall UVA Digital Ambassador competition! Rashona, Charlotte Chapman, and Claire Kaplan, were all winners of our own Women’s Center Digital Ambassador challenge, putting forth a great effort to share our content on their own social channels.

5. Last, but certainly not least, we extend our sincere thanks to our interns. The energy and insights they contribute are essential to our work and seeing them grow as advocates during their time with us makes our work all the more rewarding. Several of our interns came together to create this video in hopes that watching it will make you feel a part of the work you are making possible here. Enjoy!