It’s been a while. Let us fill you in on what’s been happening in and out of the Women’s Center.

1. You made our #GivingToHoosDay huge success and our interns expressed their appreciation in video form!

2. We caught up with our first YWLP Global Intern, Carrie Daniel. Read about the work she does with UVA now and what she enjoys the most about staying in Charlottesville.

3. International Women’s Month has come and gone, but we want to give our WGGJ interns a big shout-out for their successful poetry-style open-mic night.

4. Find out which MLP Big Brother knows every word to the first 5 chapters of  “Trapped in the Closet.”

5. 2016 YWLP Global Intern, Audrey Ogendi, recounts her experience of International Women’s Day while she was in Cameroon.


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