Written by Tricia Crawford, Women’s Center Business Manager

How can we have a positive impact on our environment? As with other areas in which we hope to see change in the world around us, we can start by making changes in our own lives. If everyone committed to at least one change a year, can you imagine the difference that will make to the future of our earth? There is a direct relationship between the actions we take today and the environment of the future.

At the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center, we encourage you to make your own positive change in your environmental footprint, but its helpful and more fun to do that as part of a group. Come join us on Friday, April 22nd between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to celebrate our earth and make a commitment. We’ll have snacks, giveaways, and a drawing for a bag full of goodies! Commit to lessening your environmental footprint and make a pledge with us.

Earth Day is the world’s largest environmental event. The human race has contributed a great deal to the decline of our environment and it is important that we participate in the clean-up. We hear about how dumping trash and chemicals in our oceans, rivers, and lakes affects the purity of the water and how this in turn affects the longevity of wildlife and the water we drink. We hear about the diminishing rain forests. Over 7,000 square miles are destroyed every day. How is that possible? It is primarily destroyed by logging, agriculture, and mining. There are many microorganisms that support the unique plants and wildlife of the rain forests lost every day due to our actions. These are only two examples, the list is extensive.

Here are some suggestions in making a positive change in our daily lives:

  • Bring a waste-free lunch in reusable containers to work or school
  • Use washable plates, cups, utensils and napkins rather than disposable
  • Take a reusable beverage bottle when “on the go” rather than purchase one-time-use products
  • Take reusable bags shopping rather than be given a paper or plastic bag at the store
  • Use both sides of a piece of paper
  • Reuse or repair things I already own
  • Donate gently-used items to charity
  • Recycle at home, work and school
  • Collect plastic bottles after an event to recycle
  • Ride a bus, bike, carpool, or walk when possible
  • Power down – turn off lights, TV and other electronics when not in use
  • Turn off the water while brushing teeth, shaving, or washing dishes
  • Take shorter showers
  • Download class readings online instead of printing
  • Unplug chargers from outlets when not in use
  • Turn off fans before leaving the dorm room or house
  • Report a leaky faucet or running toilet by submitting a work order or calling maintenance
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Use compact florescent light bulbs, CFLs, or LED lighting
  • Purchase recycled goods whenever possible
  • Read a book on lowering your carbon footprint and follow the advice
  • Use biodegradable cleaning products
  • Purchase only what I need
  • Never litter and will pick up after others
  • Donate your books and magazines to Hospitals or Nursing Homes