While orange and yellow mountains, apple picking at Carter’s Mountain, and trick-or-treating on the Lawn are just a few of the many trademarks of Charlottesville during the fall months, nothing is better or more unique than the Virginia Film Festival. With only a week until the Festival begins, Women’s Center staff shared the movies they’re most interested in and excited to see.


Cathy EricksonCathy Erickson

“I really wanted to see Loving but unfortunately it is already sold out. It is the true story of a mixed race couple who married in the 60’s when interracial marriage was illegal. They fought for their right to be married up to the Supreme Court and won, which changed history!”


Jaronda Miller-BryantJaronda Miller-Bryant

“I’d probably go see Loving, Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise, and I Am Not Your Negro before any of the other films.”



Charlotte ChapmanCharlotte Chapman

“I want to see Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise because I have seen her speak several times at conferences and have always found her incredibly inspirational. I would also see Loving because I love true stories AND it was filmed here.”



Abby Palko

Abby Palko

“I’m interested in, After Coal. I’ve been reading a mystery series, by Julia Keller, that’s set in a small West Virginian coal mining town, which has really highlighted for me the tension between environmental concerns and concerns about people whose families have made a living mining for generations. How do we meet both of those challenges? I’m also interested in Don’t Call Me Son because my research focuses on representations of mothering, and I’m particularly fascinated by how we depict mothers “misbehaving,” so I’m looking forward to how Pierre’s two mothers are portrayed in this film.”

150630-2879Sarah Steele

“I would be interested in seeing the showing of Beauty and the Beast.  I grew up watching this film – it’s one of my favorite Disney films – and seeing the original drawings and getting a glimpse into the creative process would be fascinating.  I love behind-the-scenes things like that!”


150825-3466Tricia Crawford

“The film that caught my attention is Care. As the population ages, more and more of us are effected by family members aging. This topic is very close to me because of providing support and caregiving for my mother. It is very difficult to watch a parent loose mobility or cognitive thinking. It is frustrating for the parent to adjust to the changes of their own bodies and to deal with the inability to accomplish a task they used to do all the time. Many times the financial burden grows as the parent requires more care. There are many obstacles in seeking support. Caregivers are always seeking information on how best to handle the changing needs. It is valuable to listen to what others have experienced.”


Sarah Jenkins

“I want to see Girl Flu. Based on the trailer, it sounds like my mom did a much better job preparing me for menstruation than is portrayed in this film, but I always love a good woman-centered coming-of-age story. Bonus points for seeing Heather Matarazzo, who I watched in her own awkward coming-of-age story Welcome to the Dollhouse now ushering in the next generation of young women.

I would also check out The Eagle Huntress because it sounds like an awesome fantasy movie waiting to happen! A 13 year old warrior girl who’s learning to hunt with eagles? What more do you need?!”