Our historical home at 1400 University Avenue will be under renovation for all of 2017. During that time, you can find us in Emmet House on McCormick Road! You can get to Emmet House using the Inner Loop, Outer Loop, North Line, and the Free Trolley.

The Corner Building in which we’re located has been home to a wide variety of offices over its many years at UVA. It housed entities such as the University Book Store and University Tea Room in earlier days. Many UVA alumni even recall it’s time as the site of the University’s Student Health Services. The current configuration of the space occupied by the Women’s Center still reflects this era of the building’s history in several ways with many small rooms along long, narrow hallways. The arrangement of doors inside offices that lead directly to other offices limits the uses to which some spaces can be put by an occupant like us, where the privacy of counseling offices is of such importance to the quality and quantity of services provided.

The University will be implementing long-awaited system upgrades throughout the building, making it an opportune time for additional work to be done to allow our staff to more fully utilize the space in providing our special combination of support services and engaged scholarship programs, for which we are  known.

Despite the challenges presented by the aging systems and odd configuration of rooms in the Corner Building, the Women’s Center is known among students as a welcoming space with an atmosphere that is unique on Grounds. The upcoming renovation will be mindful of the opportunities to further advance the Women’s Center’s mission by making students participating in engaged scholarship programs or being seen for counseling feel at home in our space. Interested in seeing what’s to come in the next year? View our renovation plans here.

Women’s Center counseling staff will not have access to their computers or phones until Tuesday, December 20. If you are in need of counseling services, please contact CAPS at (434) 243-5150 during this period of time.