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Student Spotlight: Felicity Martin

Get to know Felicity Martin, an intern with the Body Positive team!
Year: 4th
Major: Foreign Affairs (& Philosophy Minor!)
Hometown: Lynchburg, VA (Charlottesville feels way more like home!)
Why are you passionate about your program at the Women's Center?
I am passionate about the Body Positive program because body positivity is such a pervasive issue in our culture and in my own life. Growing up, I have watched countless people I love struggle with body image, and I have struggled with it too. I believe this is something that affects us in every aspect of life: emotionally, physically, spiritually, as well as our relationships. I have found peace and acceptance within myself, and it has improved so many aspects of my life. I would love to be able to help others do the same. Body Positive aims to educate people on these issues and help to positively change thinking regarding body image.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Honestly I’m not sure where I’ll be a month from now, so this question is a lil scary. In ten years, I see myself being happy and having a really great work/life balance. I hope to have traveled (and still travel) a lot and to own an adorable French Bulldog. As far as my career goes, I want to work in a field related to social justice and human rights. I am studying Foreign Affairs, so I could see myself working for an NGO internationally. But, I know there’s plenty of work to be done here in the US, so I would be happy working here too, as long as I’m helping people! 
What other organizations are you involved with at UVA?
At the moment, the Women’s Center is the only organization I am consistently involved in. I have worked since first year in order to afford living here, so that takes up a lot of my free time! 
What is your favorite memory of UVA thus far?
My favorite memory of UVA is definitely the great snowstorm of January 2016. We ended up getting several days of school off. I live at the end of 14th Street (near Washington Park), and my roommate and a bunch of our friends and I decided to gear up and make the trek to the lawn. The entire street was still covered in snow, and people were playing everywhere (on the street, on the sidewalk, etc.) We tried to body sled down the hill and pelted each other with snowballs and it was so fun! 
What is something you know you do differently than other people?
I never get onto or into my bed unless I have changed out of all of my "outside" clothes and have clean pajamas on.
What is your guilty pleasure?
Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supremes & Keeping Up With the Kardashians

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