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Student Spotlight: Jieru Shi

Get to know Social Media Marketing Team intern, Jieru Shi!
Year: 2nd
Major: Pre-Comm and Foreign Affairs
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Why are you passionate about your program at the Women's Center?
I’m really excited to be on the Social Media Marketing Team this year because the program is a perfect combination of my interests in business and social justice. Not only will I be learning more about using social media in a professional way, but I’ll also be helping spread the positive social impact the Women’s Center creates in the community. While there are many ways to learn about marketing, I’m glad I get to do it as a member of the Women’s Center team! 
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
This is always a tricky question for me since I know how unpredictable future plans can be. Wherever I end up after college, I hope to be able to continue to create an impact on my community. I can see myself working for the government, a global business, or a non-profit – or perhaps I’ll start my own!
What other organizations are you involved with at UVA?
I’m involved in many business clubs and cultural organizations on Grounds, but I also really love attending events hosted by other organizations. Among the organizations I’m active in, I’m the Social Media Director for FBLA-PBL, the Prospective & Alumni Relations Chair for Asian Student Union, and the Business Manager for the Virginia Advocate. 
What is your favorite memory of UVA thus far?
I really love all the traditions and events UVA has to offer, including Lighting of the Lawn and Trick-of-Treating on the Lawn, so it’s really hard to pick one favorite memory. My best memories of U.Va also include exploring Charlottesville or staying up late with friends just talking about anything and everything. 
What is something you know you do differently than other people?
When I eat food – for example, cookies – I always eat the uglier or slightly more deformed ones first so that I can save the nicest and prettiest ones for last. I think it’s always important to end on a high note. 
What is your guilty pleasure?
Despite being an adult, I love watching animated movies, especially if it’s a Disney or Pixar film. This past summer, I made my little brother go see Despicable Me 3 in the movie theater with me because I didn’t want to go alone.

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