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Tips for Emerging Adults: Navigating Life after Graduation

Written by Hannah Trible Did you know there is a life stage called Emerging Adulthood? Well, as a UVA student or recent graduate, you’re right in the middle of it! It’s an exciting and uncertain time, full of opportunity and change. Read on for tips on how to enjoy and master this important phase of life. The Five Defining Characteristics of Emerging Adulthood are: Identity Exploration Instability Self-Focus Feeling in-Between Possibility TIP: This is a time for exploring who you want to be, in love, work, and worldview. It’s a time when almost nothing is certain, because most of your major […]

Tips for Exam Stress: Remember the 5 P’s!

Your heart is racing, you’re losing sleep, your appetite is changing…is it love? Nope. It’s EXAMS! Stress is a normal reaction to an event or occasion where we need to do our best. The good news is that there are ways to manage stress so that we can function and be successful. 1. PLAN: It’s no surprise that you have final exams. Make a written plan or commit a plan with a study partner to get ready for exams. You know what study habits work best for you, but no one does well cramming at the last minute. Look at […]

Tips for Partners of Survivors

When you are in a relationship with someone who has been harmed, it is difficult to know how to help your partner while also managing your own reactions. Some of the reactions you may have are: Anger Sleep disturbances Guilt or shame Fearfulness Denial Frustration Depression Wanting to take action Because of these reactions, it is sometimes helpful for you to seek support for yourself, in addition to your partner seeking help to recover from the violence. All of these reactions are normal responses to trauma – even when you did not experience a traumatic event directly yourself. Managing these […]

Tips for a fun and healthy spring break

Spring break and vacations are a time to relax, rejuvenate, travel, and enjoy time with family and friends. Being safe during this time will ensure that you do have fun and that you bring back good memories of your experience. Here are some tips to make sure that your travel experience is great! Travel Safety Tips Travel with someone you know and trust, and preferably with a group. Even if you are with a group, you do not have to go along with something if it does not feel safe to you. Follow your own instincts. Listen to your gut. […]
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Tips for Making & Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

“Eat healthier.” “Get more organized.” “Exercise more.” These may sound familiar as resolutions we have all made many times. And then…the change doesn’t last. Changing habits is hard work but it can be done. Here are some TIPS that can help you make your resolution and stick with it! 1. Get specific Make the change into a specific, reasonable goal. Eating healthier is too big a goal and too vague. Pick one thing you would like to change about your eating and focus on that for one month. Then once that change is successful, choose the next goal. For example, I […]

Tips for a mentally healthy holiday

Expectations and Relationships More often than not, we find that our holidays don’t turn out to be quite as easy-going and fun as we expect them to be. Many problems that occur during the holidays are a result of unrealistic expectations we set. One expectation could be that it should be a magical time (and often it can be). We also hope that everyone will “act their best” because of the holiday and that everyone will forgive and forget. We expect our family to look like the ones on the Hallmark commercials even though the media and advertisements can set […]
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Tips For Making Housing Decisions

Having just arrived six weeks ago on Grounds, you start to hear it everywhere: you need to start signing leases for the next year, or you will be left out. In the rush to find that perfect spot, or perhaps out of fear of being left without choices, many students –especially first and second years—sign leases with people they do not know well, for apartments that may not be nearly as great as they sounded when their friends first told them about them. Yes, renting off Grounds can be an opportunity to make new friends, learn adult skills, and explore […]

Tips for a Healthy Start to the Academic Year

Any change in life can cause stress, even a positive change. Whether you’re coming to U.Va. for the first time or returning to Grounds for your second, third, or fourth year, change can be stressful. Relationships are new or different, and you may find yourself in the middle of unfamiliar experiences and living spaces, all of which contribute to the excitement and challenge of adjusting to a new year. But any change presents a good opportunity for growth. Amidst all the changes, taking the time to sit down with a friend or counselor can help you take full advantage of […]

Tips for a stress-free summer

The sun is shining, the Corner is quiet, and the summer is finally here. Why would anyone need tips for summer time? It should be fun….right? Anytime there is a big change in a daily schedule, it is good to be aware that mental and emotional adjustments may be needed. In addition, everyone has different needs. Some people need to use the summer time for a stress break and take it easy. Others need to use this time to work for financial needs as well as experience for future employment. Others may use this time to travel, either for education or for […]
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Tips for dealing with exam stress

Clemons is over crowded, you haven’t seen your roommates in days, and your caffeine intake is through the roof, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for finals. Here are some tips and tricks to minimizing stress and building confidence as you begin preparing for finals. 1. Make a plan:  It is no surprise that you have final exams. Make a written plan or commit verbally to a study partner what your plan will be to get ready for exams. You know what study habits work best for you but no one does well cramming at the last minute. Look […]