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Body Positivi-tea Mom and Daughter Participants

In celebration of Family Weekend, the Women's Center Body Positive intern team invites students and their visiting family members to the Body Positivi-tea, an interactive conversation about what it means to create a body positive environment.  

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Student Spotlight: Hannah Mezzacappa

Student Spotlight: Hannah Mezzacappa

I believe the most effective way to combat gender-based violence is through education and changing views surrounding gender roles and the normalization of violence. 

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Haden Parris

Student Spotlight: Haden Parrish

My Little Brother in MLP has taught me so much - from drone design to the troubles middle schoolers face today.

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CALLING IN the CALLING OUT Culture - Accountability Through Love

January 18, 2018

Reception to follow.

We all know what it means to call someone out. Are you ready to call them IN?

Calling IN challenges us to address people with compassion and a spirit of inclusion even - or especially - in the crucial moments when their behavior is problematic. 



February 07, 2018

Co-sponsored by: Office of Diversity & Equity, English Department, Women, Gender & Sexuality Department, Power, Violence, and Inequality Collective

Is masculinity at a tipping point? Society seems to be moving towards a more socially progress norm. But sexual assault, harassment, stalking, gun violence, hazing, and bullying are all far too common.