Sexual and Domestic Violence Services at the Center works to educate the community about intimate violence, to support survivors, and to empower everyone to resist abuse.

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After a Sexual Assault

Make sure you are safe from further harm. Call someone you trust, such as a friend, the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA), and/or the Police. If the assault occurred sometime in the past, SARA will provide emotional support and guidance, as will the Director of Sexual and Domestic Violence Services (SDVS) at the Women's Center (434-982-2774), or the Office of the Dean of Students (434-924-7133).

Immediately afterwards:

  • Don't bathe or douche. Try not to urinate if possible.
  • If oral contact took place, do not smoke, eat, or brush your teeth.
  • Go to the UVa emergency room (see the Medical Attention page). Medical attention is vital, as you may have injuries of which you are unaware. They can also test you for sexually transmitted diseases, and provide emergency contraception if desired.
  • If you've already changed clothes, place them in a paper bag (plastic destroys evidence). If you haven't changed, keep the original clothes on, and bring an extra set to wear home from the hospital. The police may need to keep your clothes for evidence.

Details of the medical care you will receive in the Emergency Room are explained here.

If the assault occurred more than 72 hours ago, call Student Health for a checkup, STD tests, and pregnancy test if necessary. Do tell them that it is an urgent situation. The nurse practitioners and doctor on staff are well trained on these issues, and can provide better care if they know about the assault, however you are not required to tell them what happened.

Remember, the assault was NOT your fault. There are people in Charlottesville and at the University who will believe you and support you as you decide what to do.

*For extensive information about the many forms of sexual misconduct and the numerous resources available at the University and in the local community, please consult the University's new Sexual Violence Education and Resources website.