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April 19, 2016

Written by Tricia Crawford, Women's Center Business Manager

How can we have a positive impact on our environment? As with other areas in which we hope to see change in the world around us, we can start by making changes in our own lives. If everyone committed to at least one change a year, can you imagine the difference that will make to the future of our earth? There is a direct relationship between the actions we take today and the environment of the future.

April 19, 2016

It's been a while. Let us fill you in on what’s been happening in and out of the Women’s Center.

1. You made our #GivingToHoosDay huge success and our interns expressed their appreciation in video form!

April 19, 2016

After reading through many applications and completing initial interviews, the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women Center's Director Search committee is pleased to announce that 3 candidates for the Women Center's Director position will be visiting UVA this spring.

Each of the candidates will discuss, "The Role of a Women's Center in a Public University" as part of a public presentation, spend time with Women's Center staff, and meet with students at the Women's Center.

April 18, 2016

It's the rare 'Hoo who was able to make time for every #GivingToHoosDay post and email from around the University. We're glad you've taken the time to read this one as this part is both awfully important and a whole lot of fun! We're here to say THANK YOU for giving and for staying tuned:

April 13, 2016

Get to know MLP Big Brother, Aman Mangalmurti

Year: 3rd
Major: Neuroscience
Hometown: Ashburn, VA

What do you miss most about your hometown when you're at UVA?
Right now it’s my Golden pup Charlie! At seven months old he is a handful, but whenever I’m home he’ll follow me around and it tugs at my heartstrings to leave that behind.

April 06, 2016

Written by Audrey Ogendi, 2016 YWLP Global Intern 

Most people in Charlottesville got up from their beds on March 8, 2016, as if it was a typical Tuesday. Some went to their jobs, others to classes, and still others to visit friends. But on that same Tuesday, March 8, 2016, the women of Cameroon didn’t get up and go to work, or school, or to visit their friends. Instead the women of Cameroon came together in different cities and regions and MARCHED.

April 06, 2016

Get to know YWLP Big Sister, Hayden-Anne Breedlove!

What do you miss the most about your hometown when you're at UVA?
I really miss my mom! That might sound cliche but I miss going shopping and out to dinner with her.

April 05, 2016


With your support, we can help students make the most of their time at UVA. Students, in turn, move from the University into the wider world with sharper skills and a deeper commitment to doing their part to make the world a better place.

Join us in this cycle of positive change by giving now or designating your #GivingToHoosDay donation for the Women's Center on April 12.

April 01, 2016

Never passing up the chance for a good play on words,  "#GivingToHoosDay" is a 24-hour online fundraising event, inspired by the well-known, "#GivingTuesday." The event takes place on April 12, calling on all UVA alums, students, parents, and friends, to make a gift to the University. You can designate your gift to a specific school, organization, or club at the University, as well as make multiple gifts across Grounds.

April 01, 2016

Get to know MLP Big Brother, Joe Murphy!

Year: 3rd
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA