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Interns at the U.Va. Women’s Center have concentrated their efforts on “revitalizing the rally” on Thursday/April 17 and ending with a “Day of Healing and Wellness” on Friday/April 18 during the University of Virginia's annual Take Back the Night Week.

The following has been re-printed from the October 9, 2013 edition of the Cavalier Daily, with permission from the writer.

"My story of intimate partner violence"

I’d like to think of myself as a survivor.

This year’s Take Back the Night week at the University of Virginia will be the first time the U.Va. Women’s Center will hold a “Day of Healing and Wellness” on Friday/April 18, following the annual Rally, March and Speak Out on Thursday/April 17.

The National Eating Disorders Association Walk of Charlottesville continues to surpass prior years with raising about $10,000 this year, according to coordinator Clare Brady. The amount raised in 2013 was about $9,000 and about $7,000 in 2012.

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With a few new twists to U.Va. Day, Little Sisters and Big Sisters of the local Young Women Leaders Program  in BufordBurleyJouett and Sutherland Middle Schools enjoyed the revamped annual event.

The Journalist:

As a journalism teacher for six years, I started my new job in January with an ingrained habit of remaining objective in my writing. But I realized during last Thursday’s Celebrate Women Writers event, a reception sponsored by the Women’s Center to honor writers at the Virginia Festival of the Book, that this kind of objectivity has become my comfort zone.

Rules to live by in my former life:

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Third year Alison Kuhn had a particular investment in last Thursday’s “Bad A** Women in Media” panel at OpenGrounds.

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Undergraduate men wanted!  Join the Men's Leadership Project today and learn what it's like to watch a kid bloom into a leader.  MLP is an innovative community-based leadership development and mentoring program designed to build and reinforce authentic and responsible leadership capacities of both undergraduate men and middle school boys. MLP accomplishes this mission by training and pairing a diverse group of undergraduate men with a select group of seventh grade boys.

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Join us for a reception to honor women writers from Charlottesville and the University of Virginia. We will gather at 4 p.m. on Thursday, March 20 in the Annex of the U.Va. Alumni Hall, 221 Emmett Street.

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Join the Young Women Leaders Program, a supportive community of college women and staff, meet dynamic middle schools girls and embark upon one of your most meaningful learning experiences at U.Va.!

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