Our Body Positive Program envisions a body positive community at U.Va. where everyone enjoys a healthy relationship with food, exercise and body image. Through partnerships with organizations across Grounds we work to provide resources and create awareness about these issues, as well as offer support to those affected. The data that’s available shows that college students are severely effected by body image issues and disordered eating. Through Body Positive, we strive to change that data and have received recognition for our efforts. Robbie Munn, Past Board Chair of the National Eating Disorders Association said, “We are pleased that the U.Va. Women’s Center is one of our NEDA partners. Their Body Positive/Eating Disorders Education program is an innovative program appropriate for all college campuses. It connects students, staff and faculty to share information that is critical to the healthy adjustment of college students.”

Body Positive Interns

These students are: passionate about creating a body positive culture on Grounds and interested issues related to body image, eating and exercise. He or she needs to be organized, manage time effectively, able to work alone and in group settings, comfortable facilitating discussions about sensitive subject matters, able to speak in front of small and large groups, collaborate with partners across Grounds (HOPE, sororities, other student groups, etc.), and ready to contribute their particular skills or ideas to creative projects.

Typical activities for Body Positive interns include: peer mentoring, education and outreach, group facilitation, social media, writing, applying health/wellness concepts and evidence-based practice.

Addressing disordered eating concerns with your son or daughter can be a difficult task for parents. We saw a need for an additional resource to assist U.Va. parents in navigating these conversations and decided to create our Body Positive Toolkit for Parents. This digital toolkit was created with our staff’s trained eye for the best resources available for prevention of eating disorders in college populations. We hope that the information and resources in this toolkit will help you address body image issues confidently in your family and that you will join us in working to bring about a more body positive culture at U.Va.



More resources from our partners on and off Grounds:

From Intramural Recreational Sports:

From the U.Va. Coalition on Eating Disorders and Exercise Concerns:

  • General information about disordered eating and the resources available on Grounds
  • Watch this video on how to talk to and help a friend you’re be concerned about

Check out Proud2Bme an online community for promoting positive body image and encouraging healthy attitudes about food and weight.