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We want to offer some general guidelines about the grief process with the hope that this will be of some help.

Everyone responds to loss differently as there are a range of emotions and reactions we have when grieving.

One guideline is to not judge yourself or others for reactions that occur. We can feel anger, helplessness, survival guilt, sadness, loneliness and even apathy. We can experience a loss of faith and a loss of meaning about our own life.

The second guideline is to increase the time you spend with safe people and in safe places – those people and places where you feel free to say whatever you need to say, to cry, to yell, etc. If you feel you don’t have this type of resource, then contacting counseling resources may be helpful.

A third guideline is to try to stay with your normal routine as much as possible along with whatever self-care activities that support you. Eating, sleeping and other activities are often impacted by grief. So try to find a balance between not pushing yourself too hard and participating in your normal routine.

Grieving is a process that will eventually end. However, the loss of this unique person will always be a part of our life. When will the grief end? That, too, is different for everyone. The goal for each of us is to eventually find a sense of acceptance.

Charlotte Chapman, LPC
Director of Counseling Services
U.Va. Women’s Center
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