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Body Positivi-tea Mom and Daughter Participants

In celebration of Family Weekend, the Women's Center Body Positive intern team invites students and their visiting family members to the Body Positivi-tea, an interactive conversation about what it means to create a body positive environment.  

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Student Spotlight: Victoria Farris

Student Spotlight: Victoria Farris

I’m passionate about the Women’s Center Legal Clinic because I believe in the power of the law as a social impact tool.

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MLP Big and Little Brother work together to climb the Poplar Ridge Challenge Course ladder

MLP Takes on the Poplar Ridge Challenge

"It was such a wonderful day watching everyone get to know one another better and help one another out to accomplish the challenges."

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Survivor Support Network Workshop for Students

November 28, 2017

Become familiar with various definitions and UVA’s policies. Learn about trauma and the neuroscience of trauma and how it impacts a survivor’s responses. Hear from survivors who tell their stories, and learn about resources on and off grounds so that you can help your peers in need. For a reservations, email Claire at


Free Legal Clinic

November 29, 2017


The Clinic is staffed by local attorneys who offer pro bono legal counseling to Charlottesville community members and University employees. The Clinic is designed to provide general legal counseling and information about legal options. Our Free Legal Clinic occurs every second and fourth Wednesday of the month While the Women’s Center is under renovation, you will find our Legal Clinic just next door in OpenGrounds (1400 University Avenue).


Why Fish Don't Exist: The Danger of Categorization, from Ichthyology to Eugenics

December 05, 2017

Lulu Miller is a current VFH residential Fellow, a co-founder of the podcast Invisibilia and an independent author. She will present her research for an upcoming book in a talk titled "Why Fish Don't Exist: The Danger of Categorization, from Ichthyology to Eugenics."