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Applications for our community mentoring program and our internship program are LIVE! Apply by March 1 to intern with us in 2018-19 and apply by March 12 to be a Big Brother or Big Sister! 

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Student Spotlight: Nicky Demitry

Get to know Social Media Marketing Team intern, Nicky Demitry!

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Student Spotlight: Kelly Hill

Get to know Young Women Leaders Program intern, Kelly Hill! 

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The beginning of the semester is exciting. We get to come back to Charlottesville to see friends...

Well, the semester has kicked off and is in full swing. Students are having "midterms...

In everyone’s college career, there comes a time when people start to reflect on how they’ve...



#MeToo's Lessons for Higher Ed

February 20, 2018

Since the #MeToo movement gained traction in October, waves of allegations of sexual harassment have rocked workplaces across an array of industries. As one professional community after another has been called to account, we need to take the time for a careful look at how college campuses are affected by the issues this movement raises.  

Our panelists include: 


Survivor Support Network for Students

February 21, 2018


Become an ally to survivors of sexual assault or intimate partner violence. This program will give you information about local resources and effective strategies to support your friends and peers. Join our on-Grounds network dedicated to making visible, the support for survivors that exists at the University. 

RSVP: Claire Kaplan,


The Body Project (Part 1 of 2)

February 22, 2018

The talk doesn't change without YOU!

It’s time to free ourselves from fat talk and the destructive attempts to fit society’s appearance ideal. It’s time to focus on the healthy ideal, which looks different for every woman. Like a fingerprint, everyone’s healthy and happy is unique. 

Join us to shift the conversation about women and body image by participating in The body project.