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Women, Girls & Global Justice

2018 Women Girls & Global Justice Team

The Women, Girls, & Global Justice team engages students committed to advancing gender justice locally and globally. This collaborative team carries out research and service both right here in Charlottesville, and around the world with partnering NGOs. The fight for global health, reduction of violence, and increased access to education for women and girls resonates throughout this program.

Collaborating with Global Non-profits

Interns on this team provide behind the scenes support to global non-profits engaged in social justice work. Small, lean organizations working in impoverished and conflict-ridden places are necessarily focused on the health, safety, educational, and economic needs of the communities they serve. They often lack the person-power and basic resources such as reliable connectivity needed to conduct research tasks that are necessary for growth, impact assessment, and pursuit of funding. 

Organizations We Have Worked With:

Typical Activities for Interns on this team

Interns on the Women, Girls & Global Justice team are interested in the global, national, and local issues affecting women and girls. These interns play an important role in planning and facilitating International Women's Month and the MLK Women's Hope Project, along with carrying out global outreach and networking.