Iris Magazine

Iris Magazine is the Center’s award-winning, nationally acclaimed magazine for thinking young women at U.Va. and beyond. After trying on several looks—from a photocopied newsletter for the U.Va. Women’s Studies Program to a national journal for women — In 2012, Iris re-debuted as a web magazine for and about thinking young women.

After 35 years of publication, Iris continues to celebrate and empower young women through provocative pieces. The mission of Iris is not only to showcase women’s achievements at the University, in support of the women’s community and in conjunction with the Center’s mission to creating change, but to also underscore the relevance of women’s issues.

Be sure to check out Iris Magazine online to read articles, essays and interviews by and about women, who are inspired, brilliant, and bravely forging new paths to success. Stop by the Women’s Center to read archival print copies.

Iris Interns

Iris interns are responsible for writing an array of content for this online magazine and for working with a student assistant editor and en editor who is a member of the Women’s Center staff to plan content throughout the academic year. Previous Iris interns have had pieces published covering an incredibly wide range of topics:

Iris Freelance Opportunities

Iris Magazine accepts freelance submissions. Please contact Iris Editor, Alison Kuhn ( for more information.


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