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Free Fitness for Every Body: Yoga

Be led through part of the primary series of Ashtanga yoga in a group class. Focus on breathing, explanation of the poses with modifications and gazing point are all introduced. Expect to build up a sweat, while developing strength, flexibility and mindfulness. Offered in partnership with the Contemplative Sciences Center.

Jeans Exchange


Jeans not fitting? Instead of trying to change your body to fit unattainable image standards, wear what fits to feel comfortable, confident, and celebrate your unique body! Donate your jeans in exchange for FREE Celebrate Every Body swag (t-shirt, water bottle, or beanie) and help to spread the message of body positivity!

Any men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing in good condition will be accepted. Donations go to support the Shelter for Help in Emergency.

Tips for Getting Better Sleep

Tips for Better Sleep

Getting enough high quality sleep is the one of the best things you can do for your brain and body. No matter what is going on in terms of mood, energy, memory or emotions, sufficient sleep will almost always help. Sleep also does wonders for new learning. Wresting the last few minutes you can out of a day can be very tempting, but the cost in terms of fatigue and forgetfulness the next day is higher than you think.

Try these approaches to getting sufficient sleep: