Women's Center Resource Guide

Download the Women’s Center Support Services Resource Guide, here!

Other Resources from the the Women’s Center

  • Women’s Center TIPS: Our counseling team offers strategies for meeting the challenges of college life like stress management and healthy relationships. Check out seasonal tips for each phase of the school year on the left sidebar of our home page and on our blog.
  • Helping a Friend: Our guide to supporting a survivor of sexual assault or intimate partner violence.
  • Dealing with Grief: We want to offer some general guidelines about the grief process with the hope that this will be of some help.
  • Please also read this official statement written by the staff: Trauma-Position-Paper
  • Body Positive Toolkit for Parents
  • Print out some of our coloring cards for a moment of mindful coloring.

On Grounds

Beyond Grounds

  • MHA Mental Health America has listings of therapists, crisis numbers and support groups for the Charlottesville community.
  • SARA Sexual Assault Resources Agency in Charlottesville
  • SHE Shelter for Help in Emergency in Charlottesville
  • The Women’s Initiative counseling services in Charlottesville offered on a sliding scale
  • Tips for Coping with Stress
  • Stress Management Workbook designed by the National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention