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Survivor Support and Advocacy

If you have experienced a sexual assault, please go to the University’s sexual assault resources page or call our Counseling Line at 434-982-2252. The Sexual Assault Resource Agency, a non-profit agency in Charlottesville also offers emergency services and information, 24 hours a day.

Our Services

Our services at the Women’s Center include the following elements aimed at supporting survivors at UVA either directly by connecting them with knowledgeable members of our staff, or indirectly by making information and training available to all in the University community who are interested in being supportive.


Confidential Advocates 

In addition to our counselors, designated members of our staff are available to speak with survivors directly and confidentially to ensure that they receive any services they need in addition to counseling.


Helping a Friend: 
How to Support a Survivor of Sexual Assault or Intimate Partner Violence 

Helping a Friend BrochureYou have a friend who has just told you that they have been sexually assaulted, is in an abusive relationship, or maybe is a survivor of prior violence as a child or a teen. You might be a bit overwhelmed, and that’s understandable. The information in this brochure can help you help your friend, and it offers reassurance if you feel nervous about making a mistake or somehow saying the wrong thing.




Survivor Support Network Training:
Become an Effective Ally to Survivors of Gender Violence 

Have you encountered students or co-workers whose academic or work performance was impacted by a history of victimization? Become an ally to survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, and child sexual abuse by training as a member of UVA’s Survivor Support Network. During the course of this 2-1/2 hour program, you will learn effective strategies to support your students and colleagues, learn about local resources and become part of an on-Grounds network that is designed to make visible the dedicated support for victims that exists at the University. We will provide you with the resources and ongoing support you will need.

Individual faculty and staff members can find scheduled training sessions to join on our calendar. Departments, units or schools interested in scheduling a session for a larger group should contact Claire Kaplan at 982-2774 or email