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Intern at the Women's Center!

Interning at the U.Va. Women’s Center gives students hands-on experience developing skills that will be useful to them in the wide variety of fields they pursue after graduation. Applicants commit to a year-long internship that includes a three-credit fall semester course entitled “Women, Peace and Justice” (WGS), taught by Women’s Center faculty members. In the spring, students have the option of taking a second semester course through EDLF that is team-taught by the Women's Center faculty, or volunteering their time to fulfill their commitment to their internship. In addition, each student is required to join a program at the Center and commit to four to six hours of work per week. Applicants rank their preferences as to which program they would like to join, and following interviews, they are notified of the results. The program choices are:

  • Eating Disorders/Body Positive
  • International Initiatives
  • Legal Clinic
  • Marketing Communications
  • Sexual and Domestic Violence Services
  • Signature Events Management
  • Young Women Leaders Program
  • Men's Leadership Project

The professional quality of our interns' work greatly enriches the Center’s operations and programs, and we are grateful for their efforts; we like to say that our interns are the "lifeblood of the Women's Center.” We encourage you to apply! Download the WC Internship Application 2014-15 (due on March 28, 2014). Applicants will be contacted shortly thereafter for an interview. You will know if you have been accepted into the program by the end of April. Testimonials from past interns at the Women's Center Kristina Brown: "My experience as an intern has taught me that, even if U.Va. is a highly competitive environment, there are still places like the Women's Center providing a sense of rhythm away from the everyday chaos. I've been lucky enough to be surrounded by and to collaborate with inspiring and driven individuals who strive to bring out the best in me, as well." Carrie Daniel: "Interning at the Women's Center has been a great opportunity for both my personal and professional development. I've gotten to work with some amazing women and balance many different types of responsibilities and projects. My favorite part is that I feel that I am actually making a difference in the U.Va. and Charlottesville community through the work that I do. " Katelyn Hebel: "I love working at the Women's Center! It's such a warm, positive environment. As an Eating Disorders Initiative intern, I not only get to help other women learn to love their bodies, but I have gained confidence myself." Emily Renda: "Serving as an SDVS Intern as a second year helped set me up for a career in advocacy and opportunities to make change. It helped me think creatively about programming, learn to set up events, and taught me invaluable lessons about making connections across a community. I owe most of my leadership experiences and other internships since to the start I got at the UVa Women's Center internship program." Kiana Williams: "The Women's Center has given me not only a wonderful internship experience, but has also provided me with a new community of support, lessons in leadership and an entirely new perspective to women's studies. My experience with the WC has empowered me to reach out to my community more often and effectively. It was the ultimate reason for me adding Women, Gender & Sexuality as a second major!"

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