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Women’s Center introduces new Program Director

The Women’s Center is excited to welcome the newest addition to our staff, Dr. Jaronda J. Miller. Jaronda is the Program Director for Women, Girls and Global Justice, the Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP), and Engaged Scholarship. The Engaged Scholarship piece encompasses high impact educational experiences for students combined with academic course work, community service and experiential learning; student/faculty research focused on women and social justice; the Women’s Center Internship Program; and global learning experiences for students. In her position, Jaronda also has oversight of operations of the local YWLP, which includes supervision and support of mentoring groups, program development, budget management, interaction with the YWLP Assistant Director and graduate student fellow; as well as oversight and outreach to national and global YWLP sites. Jaronda graduated from Spelman College with a B.A. in Psychology/Military Science. She later earned her M.S. from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Counselor Education with a Concentration in School Counseling and Dropout Prevention. She also holds a Ph.D. from Northeastern University in Sociology with Concentrations in Race and Ethnic Relations and Educational Stratification. With her advanced degree in sociology, she has taught and researched various aspects of women’s experiences to include the dynamics of race, class and gender, higher education, financial literacy, educational stratification, social movements/social change and other related topics. In addition, she has traveled extensively to sub-Saharan Africa and European countries including but not limited to Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Haiti, the Caribbean, Guyana, Brazil and Suriname. For the past 10 years, Jaronda has been actively engaged in work focused on critical issues pertaining to women, which includes access to education, health disparities and access to wealth. Her enthusiasm for equality and social justice has served as a platform to co-found and organize the nonprofit, Women’s Work Foundation. At Women’s Work, she functioned as the financial officer and eventually the development strategist. These opportunities required critical and strategic programming and development responsibilities for the organization. Jaronda helped to develop vital youth programs offered to marginalized girls, as well as acquired financial support for the programs. She and her colleagues worked intensely with middle school girls to engage them to be social change agents in their own communities. Also, to assist with development, she solely designed the Professional Internship Program (PIP) for graduate student interns interested in nonprofit work focused on women’s issues. Responsible for the oversight of this completely volunteer program, she trained students in nonprofit basics, marketing programs, grant writing, elevator pitches and a myriad of other skills. In addition, her experience with Women’s Work allowed her to hone her grant writing skills through applications to large and small grants such as the Pepsi Refresh Project, Rite Aid and Sparkplug Foundation. Jaronda has taught more than 13 different collegiate courses and, when logistically possible, has incorporated service learning or community projects for students to obtain the full experience of combining formal education in the real world around them. For example, while working at Savannah State University she incorporated community awareness and interaction into course instruction by encouraging students to engage in community service projects for the semester. In her new position as program director, Jaronda is looking forward to working with a team who actively engages in scholarship and service to promote a better world for those adversely impacted by their race, class and/or gender. It’s her desire to be involved with a movement that can evoke and foster change in the local community and around the globe. Jaronda moved from Ludowici, Georgia, about one hour Southwest of Savannah, to Charlottesville, Virginia. She has a 6-year old daughter, Tumpe. Jaronda and her long-term partner, Leo, have a 1-year-old son, Mekhi.

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