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It's internship application season at the Women's Center, so we thought we'd break down all the deadlines here:

Consider interning with one of the many programs at Women's Center:

Preparing students to become global citizens and leaders in both public and private sectors, the Women’s Center Programs teach leadership theory and practice that are applied in real-world settings. Admitted applicants to the Women’s Center Internship Program commit to a year-long internship that includes two academic components: Front Lines of Social Change Part I is offered annually in the Fall Semester. The course is worth three credits and is mandatory for all WC interns. Front Lines of Social Change Part II will be offered each Spring Semester. In this course, interns will get hands on experience in implementing spring semester programs and will also have the opportunity to continue where the Fall Course ends its discussion around Women and Global Issues. The course will cover global issues and projects in which the WC is currently involved including countries such as Cameroon, Nicaragua, and Uganda.

Also, students enrolled in the course will participate in several projects including International Women’s Month in March. The latter course is not mandatory but recommended. It will be worth 2 credits and will meet once per week. Interns who cannot take the spring course can still obtain credit for their internship hours via their Program Director. Credits offered through the Program Director can range between 1 and 4. In addition, each student is required to join a program at the Center and commit to four to six hours of work per week. The professional quality of our interns’ work greatly enriches the Center’s operations and programs, and we are grateful for their efforts; we like to say that our interns are the “lifeblood of the Women’s Center.” Students learn to work in teams, to mentor and to serve, becoming strong leaders of the future. Learn more about typical qualities and related interests students possess in each program on the following webpages:

If interested in interning at the Women’s Center, please download and complete the 2015-2016 Women’s Center Internship Program Application. Please note: Applications for the Legal Clinic program are due March 2, 2015, while all other internship program applications are due April 1. Consider applying for the Early-bird option by February 25, 2015 for the ability to have preferred interview time slots.

Be a Big Sister or a Facilitator with the Young Women Leaders Program:

The Young Women Leaders Program is an innovative mentoring program founded by the Women’s Center and the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia in 1997. It is designed to support and enhance the sense of competence, connection and autonomy of a diverse group of college women and middle school girls by promoting women’s and girls’ leadership abilities. The YWLP curriculum was developed and based on research in interdisciplinary areas by faculty members and graduate students from the Curry School of Education, which is applied to YWLP operations and outreach at the Women’s Center. Interactive activities focus on issues related to girls’ sense of self, scholastic achievement, body image, friendship and healthy decision-making. YWLP actively builds leadership skills through:

  • Group Discussion: In weekly after school meetings, Big and Little Sister pairs gather for group discussions and fun interactive activities. Group discussions center on girls’ experience and leadership in all realms of life: academic, relational and future personal and career goals.
  • Pair Relationships: Big and Little Sister pairs foster competence, connection and autonomy by spending time together working on homework, attending shows, playing sports, cooking together or participating in other community activities.
  • Civic Engagement: Big and Little Sisters participate in community engagement projects, such as food bank drives, awareness walks and school legacy projects, all within our local Charlottesville community.
  • Enrichment Activities: We encourage our students to become global citizens by engaging them in conversations about culture and community around the world, partnering with international Sister Sites in Cameroon and Nicaragua. Girls in 8th grade also participate in YWLP enrichment curriculum modules, Moves (active and healthy decision-making) and Technology (STEM related activities and career discussions).

To apply to be a Big Sister or a Facilitator for the 2015-2016 school year, please visit the YWLP website. The early-bird application deadline is February 27, 2015. If you are interested in applying to be an intern for the Young Women Leaders Program for the 2015-2016 school year, please apply through the Women’s Center internship program application.

Be a Big Brother with the Men's Leadership Project:

MLP is an innovative community-based leadership development and mentoring program designed to build and reinforce authentic and responsible leadership capacities of both undergraduate men and middle school boys. MLP accomplishes this mission by training and pairing a diverse group of undergraduate men with a select group of seventh grade boys. Joining MLP means committing to your Little Brother for a full academic year, as well as attending a fall and spring course through the Curry School of Education, taught by Dr. Peter Sheras.  The Bigs and Littles meet once a week in groups and then one-on-one as pairs.  Occasional group activities (such as a ropes course) are designed to build group cohesion and challenge the boys to stretch themselves physically and emotionally. MLP is especially committed to understanding a wide range of masculinities, fostering a gender-aware perspective on leadership development and mentoring, and encouraging active participation in respectful, healthy, pro-social and anti-violent community roles for those who identify as men and boys. To apply to be a Big Brother for the Men’s Leadership Project for the 2015-2016 school year, please download and complete the 2015-2016 MLP Big Brother Application by March 20, 2015. If you are interested in applying to be an intern for the Men’s Leadership Project for the 2015-2016 school year, please apply through the Women’s Center internship program application.

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