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There's still time! Apply to be a Big in 2016-2017.

The Young Women Leaders Program and Men's Leadership Project give you the opportunity to help middle school girls and boys find the confidence to become successful leaders in their schools, homes, and communities. As a Big, you commit to your program for one year, spending time with your Little in groups after school, doing group activities, and spending one-on-one time together. To help you be a strong mentor for your Little, each program has a required Curry School course to teach you about the challenges your littles face and how you can help them work through those.

The Courses:
Issues Facing Adolescent Girls I
Monday 4-6:30pm
Explore the psychological, social, and cultural issues affecting adolescent girls. Delve into theory and research on adolescent development, effective mentoring practices, and leadership development.

Fostering Leadership in Teenage Boys
Monday 6-8:30pm
Learn to maximize effective mentoring, foster critical thinking, and understand the relationship of theories of masculine identity to the development of middle school boys.

Questions about YWLP?
Email [email protected] or call (434) 924-9732

Questions about MLP?
Email [email protected] or call (434) 982-2910

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