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We know you're up for the challenge.

We never shy away from a challenge and we know you don't either. Here's a challenge we can meet together.

Your support for the Women's Center always goes a long way thanks to the time our students invest to extend our work far beyond what the Center's staff could ever hope to achieve alone. With the combined person power of 17 staff members and 108 interns, Big Sisters, Big Brothers, and facilitators this year, each and every infusion of support makes a BIG difference in what our programs can do.

For #GivingToHoosDay, your support will extend even farther thanks to Laura Burrows, a 1978 alumna of the College, who has offered the Women's Center a matching challenge of $10,000. Your gift in any amount you choose for #GivingToHoosDay will help us meet this challenge with a strong showing of the UVA community's commitment to our work to this generous matching donor.




Together we can provide the resources and opportunities students need to develop the skills to advocate for themselves, their communities at UVA, and for the communities in which they will live and work throughout their lives.




You know the Women's Center as a bustling hub of resources and opportunities for the civic-minded young people drawn to the culture of student leadership for which the University of Virginia is known and loved. Reasons for members of the UVA community to support our work are MANY!

Help us see which of our services and programs means the most to you by posting about your support with #whyImatch. 

  • Have you seen how our counselors help students overcome personal challenges and make the most of their fleeting UVA years?
  • Do you, like many of our students, have gender-based violence at the top of your list of pressing social issues we can address together?
  • Are you concerned about the many subtle ways that unhealthy body image holds capable young people back?
  • Has your experience with the power of mentoring motivated you to help our Big Sisters and Big Brothers serve as role models for as many girls and boys as possible?

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