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Student Spotlight: Christie McDaniel

Name: Christie McDaniel

Hometown: Dumfries, VA

We’re thrilled to welcome Christie back to the Women’s Center in a new role this year! Christie graduated from the College last spring as a double major in Politics and Women, Gender & Sexuality and is now a graduate student in the Curry School pursing a Masters in Teaching for Social Studies. She brings two years of experience with YWLP as an undergrad to her position as a Casscells Fellow this year. The Casscells Fellowship, which honors Oleda Casscells (Law ’49), engages graduate students in our work in ways that reflect the spirit, integrity, and commitment to excellence that Leda demonstrated in her lifetime.

1. What brought you to the Women's Center?

I have been involved with the women's center through YWLP for the past two years as a big sister and then as a facilitator. I really love the community and mission of both the Women's Center and YWLP so I was super excited to be able to continue to work with the Women's Center as a fellow during my graduate program.

2.    If you could describe YWLP in 3 words, how would you describe it?

I would describe YWLP as empowering, uplifting, and inspiring.

3. What other organizations are you involved with at UVA? (you can speak to your undergrad or graduate experience here)

During my undergrad experience I was involved in Madison House volunteering at a local elementary school, Alternative Spring Break, and was also a member of UDems.

4. What is your favorite memory of UVA thus far?

Definitely when our basketball team won the national championship this past year. The energy around it was just incredible and it was the perfect way to end my last year of undergrad!

5. If you could choose anyone, who would you choose to be your mentor?

Probably Megan Rapinoe. I grew up playing soccer and I just think she is incredible both on and off the field. She is not afraid to stand up for the things she believes in and I admire that so much. I want to be that confident and sure of myself, and also live my life continually standing up for what I believe in.

6. What would you most like to tell your 13 year-old self?

I would tell her to believe in herself more! Take chances and don't be afraid to fail at things sometimes. 

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