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Class of 2020: Muhammad Ibrahim

I first heard of MLP during my third year from one of my fourth-year friends whom I admired greatly. The mere fact that this person, who was involved in so many things, and whose opinion I valued so much recommended this program to me inspired me to further look into it, which led me to apply to be a mentor.

I am not sure what I was expecting going into the program, and I honestly had some second thoughts about it the day before the first meeting, but I persevered through to not disappoint my mentee, and I am very glad I did. My first meeting with my mentee was an amazing experience, and it ensured that I did not lose my enthusiasm for this program and its potential even when things were not going as smoothly as I would have liked. I saw how I could help my mentee, how I could be a source of support for him, how I could learn from him, and was filled with a great sense of joy and fulfilment. This sense of fulfilment would come back every time he would share any of his accomplishments with me with great enthusiasm. More importantly, it would return ever stronger when he would share some of his problems and concerns with me.

I am extremely thankful that MLP gave me the opportunity to impact someone’s life in such a meaningful way, because ultimately it is in how we impact the lives of those around us that we leave our greatest mark on the world.

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