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Body Positivity Intern: Mary Katherine West

Name: Mary Katherine West
Year: Third
Major: Youth and Social Innovations Major

1.    Why did you join the Body Positive team?

I wanted to get involved with the Women's Center because it's an empowering and uplifting community, dedicated to addressing social justice issues and equity at this university and in the broader community.

2.     What are some intersections of your identity and how does that relate to body positivity?

As a queer woman, my comfort with my body and identity have often been at odds with society's expectations or portrayals of what a woman should look or act. Body positivity and radical-self love can be transformative frameworks that have helped me learn to resist these expectations for myself and those around me, and is an experience I hope to share with others.

3.    What projects and ideas are you excited about exploring with the team?

Understanding the harms of commercialized body positivity, refocusing on the radical, social-justice informed roots of the movement, and working to uplift the most marginalized bodies in society and our community are important projects that I'm excited about engaging in through this program.

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