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Student leaders are essential to the success of the Women's Center. During the early part of the spring semester each year, we give students the opportunity to apply for our engaged scholarship programs for the following academic year. Read on and follow the links below to learn more about these opportunities to work closely with Women's Center staff, combining service work with classroom study of gender equity and other social justice issues. Specific deadlines vary. 


Community Mentoring Programs

Both the Young Women Leaders Program and the Men's Leadership Project give undergraduate students the opportunity to work with local middle school students. Students who serve as bigs take a course through the Curry School of Education which helps to give them knowledge and understanding of the developmental challenges that their littles are facing.

Students interested in serving as YWLP Big Sisters and MLP Big Brothers in 2019-20 should visit these pages for details and contact information. While most of the spaces in these programs for 2019-20 were filled by students who applied this spring, they may have space for additional students to apply prior to the start of the 2019-20 academic year:

View YWLP details and access the link to apply in the Young Women Leaders Program area of this site.

View MLP details and access the link to apply in the Men's Leadership Project area of this site.


Internship Program

The Women’s Center’s internship program is a selective engaged scholarship opportunity in social justice advocacy. In this learning and leadership opportunity, classroom study is combined with working on one of several teams at the Women’s Center under the guidance of a member of our staff.

Women's Center Interns for the 2019-20 academic year have been selected. Students who are interested in serving as interns at the Women's Center in the 2020-21 academic year should view program details in the Internship Program area of this site and plan to apply early in the Spring Semester of 2020.