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June 15, 2020

I first heard of MLP during my third year from one of my fourth-year friends whom I admired greatly. The mere fact that this person, who was involved in so many things, and whose opinion I valued so much recommended this program to me inspired me to further look into it, which led me to apply to be a mentor.

December 05, 2019

1.    What brought you to the women’s center?

A good friend of mine at the university introduced me to the Men's Leadership Project in the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women's Center. He is involved in many important organizations, but he emphasized how special MLP was to him. 

2.    If you could describe MLP in three words, what would they be?

Special, Important, Impactful

3.     What other organizations are you involved with at UVA?

February 21, 2019

Tony Reyes

Tony Reyes studied Accounting and IT at UVA graduating from the McIntire School of Commerce in 2012. Tony was one of the pioneering Big Brothers in the early years of our Men's Leadership Project. We recently caught up with Tony to find out where life has taken him and what's stayed with him from his MLP days. 


Where do you work now?

I'm a Financial Accounting Advisory Services Manager at EY helping companies navigate business and accounting change or disruption with an integrated risk based perspective.


February 19, 2019

James Allman-Gulino

Our series on alumni who served as Big Brothers in the earliest years of our Men's Leadership Project continues this week with James Allman-Gulino. James graduated from the College with a Foreign Affairs major in 2008 and earned his Masters in Public Policy from the Batten School in 2009. Today, as a Foreign Service Officer for the U.S. Department of State, James handles Political Affairs and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 


Whose work inspires you to aim higher or think differently?

November 14, 2018

Tomoya Nishira

Name: Tomoya Nishira

Year: Exchange Student (BA of 20')

Major: Sociology (gender/ sexuality and global studies)

Hometown: Himeji City, Hyogo, Japan


1.    What brought you to the Women's Center?

October 31, 2018

Men's Leadership Project

Student Chris Sausa, right, and his “little brother” Johan, center, along with student Garrett Lukens, build doghouses with Sharon Shafer from Houses of Wood and Straw, left, and NBC-29 reporter Moriah Davis. (Photos by Peggy Harrison)

This article has been reprinted from UVA Today. 

Christopher Sausa remembers how awkward it felt being a seventh-grader. He recalls feeling “stuck in the middle – not a kid, but not a grown-up yet,” and he wished he had someone to talk to. But at the time, his father felt too far removed and his younger brother wouldn’t be any help.

October 24, 2018

MLP Big Brother Tyler Curran

Name: Tyler Curran
Year: Third
Major: English
Hometown: Ashburn, VA

  1. What brought you to the Women's Center?
    I got involved with MLP and the Women's Center as part of field experience for my class "Fostering Leadership in Teenage Boys" this semester.

  2. If you could describe YWLP or MLP in 3 words, how would you describe it?
    Challenging, Exciting, Important

August 13, 2018

Craig Wendelken

Get to know Craig Wendelken, a big brother with our Men's Leadership Project!

Year: 3rd
Major: Mechanical Engineering, Biology
Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

February 26, 2018

Photo credit: Nick Zuris

Get to know Men's Leadership Project intern AND Big Brother, Kevin Westfield!
Year: 3rd year
Major: English and Women Gender and Sexuality, double major
Hometown: Hollywood, Florida
Why are you passionate about your program at the Women's Center?

January 26, 2018



Both the Young Women Leaders Program and the Men's Leadership Project pair undergraduate students with a local middle school student. Students who serve as bigs take a course through the Curry School of Education which helps to give them the knowledge and understanding of the developmental challenges that their little is facing.