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Like everyone else who is currently teaching, I needed to revise the syllabus for my course mid-semester. As I did that, I inserted this graphic at the top as a visual reminder for my students. If we focus on the “moon,” its light can help us see the meaning and good we can find in this moment. But, we need a sustainable schedule to do that.

By: Abby Palko | April 28, 2020 | Palko POV

Content warning: these pieces of art, created by survivors of gender-based violence, convey a wide range of emotions and experiences. Some are raw and angry, full of pain. Others are hopeful and speak of healing. If you feel that the content of this display would be difficult for you, we advise that you consider viewing it on another occasion. If you do choose to view it, and you find that your emotions are elevated as a result, please find someone to speak with as soon as possible.

Name: Reva Joshi
Year: 2
Major: Political and Social Thought
Hometown: Vienna, VA

1.   What brought you to the Women's Center?
Mentorship is always something I have been passionate about, and I knew I wanted to pursue that in college. I also think the Women’s Center is such a unique and phenomenal space for students of all backgrounds and ideas to come together. A girl in my sorority told me about YWLP, which seemed like the perfect way for me to get involved in both. She encouraged me to apply, and it was the best decision I ever made!

| April 23, 2020 | young-women-leaders-program, interns

Name: Molly Cardenas

Year: 4th Year

Major: Youth & Social Innovation

Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia

1.    What brought you to the Women's Center?
Initially for the counseling resources, but I am interested in entering a profession after graduation that helps specifically adolescents (possibly social work or school counselor), so the Women’s Center was a great way for me to get introduced to the field of helping young women explore who they are!

| April 16, 2020 | young-women-leaders-program, interns

Name: Kaitlyn Hyun
Year: Third year
Major: Public Policy & Leadership
Hometown: Fairfax, VA

1.    What brought you to the Women's Center?

I found out about YWLP and, as a result, the Women's Center as well!

2.    If you could describe YWLP in 3 words, how would you describe it?

Opportunities to grow

3.    What other organizations are you involved with at UVA?

Grace Christian Fellowship, Bearings Journal, Batten Undergraduate Council Internal Committee

| April 09, 2020 | young-women-leaders-program, interns

Name: Alexis Deschamps 
Year: Second 
Major: Commerce
Hometown: Ashburn, VA

1.    What brought you to the Women's Center?

I love the positive environment it creates that is so supportive and encouraging to women! 

2.    If you could describe YWLP in 3 words, how would you describe it?

rewarding, special, inspiring

3.    What other organizations are you involved with at UVA?

HASS and the Women’s Business Forum in McIntire 

| April 02, 2020 | young-women-leaders-program

Some of you know that my husband is disabled. I usually say he “has mobility challenges” or “health issues.” He says he’s crippled. The medical reality is that he has a C4-level spinal cord injury that he incurred in a swimming accident at the Jersey Shore eight years ago. In the immediate aftermath, he spent 8 weeks in the hospital. We sought a “new normal” and, silver lining to that experience, I learned some things that I’d like to share with you.

By: Abby Palko | March 31, 2020 | Palko POV

Last Monday started with a call from one of my staff members, telling me that they’d tested positive for COVID-19. My eyes are welling with tears of gratitude as I type this next sentence: this Monday started with them calling me to tell me that they are recovering.

All of us at the Women’s Center are grateful for the support you all have shown us in this past week and your concern for the affected person. I have shared your calls and emails with them.

By: Abby Palko | March 23, 2020 | blog

Dear Friends of the Women's Center,

You've likely seen President Ryan's announcement that a Women’s Center staff member has tested positive for COVID-19. We are holding them in our thoughts for a full recovery.

The Women’s Center is closed and being cleaned. Current plans call for the center to remain closed for the duration that our staff will be fully self-quarantined at their homes and until we receive official word that by every measure it is safe to reopen. When the Center reopens, we will communicate that here and in our usual channels.

By: Abby Palko | March 17, 2020 | blog

Marwah: Incredible growth happens when people are able to look beyond the box of themselves.

Lizz: And just get past that guilt. Like, ok, you feel guilty but what else?

Marwah: When I procrastinate an assignment, I feel guilty. But...

Lizz: But then it gets done. You move on. And great work gets done at the end of it. Let’s not procrastinate on liberation, though. Because we need that. 


By: Abby Palko | February 28, 2020 | Palko POV