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We are excited to introduce another new member of the Women’s Center team, Nora Arkin!

| September 01, 2015 | Body Positive, blog

The U.Va.  Women’s Center is pleased to announce the selection of Farzaneh Milani as the recipient of the 2015 Elizabeth Zintl Leadership Award.  Milani is the current chair of the Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures (MESALC) and the previous director of Women, Gender and Sexuality (WGS) at U.Va. She has been a U.Va. professor for almost 30 years, teaching in both MESALC and WGS.

| September 01, 2015 | Awards, blog

We are so happy to introduce a new member of the Women's Center team, Latoria White!

Latoria White is joining us as Counselor in Residency. She will be providing counseling, outreach, and case management services to students, faculty, staff, and community members.

| August 31, 2015 | counseling, blog

Stress creeps in more often than we'd like. Sometimes it comes from what's expected of us in school or work. Sometimes it comes from things going on in your personal life. Sometimes you can't even really nail down where the stress is coming from. You just know it's there. Wherever the stress is coming from, sometimes you just need a place to go to get away, even if only for a short time.

| August 25, 2015 | blog

Every week brings something new, interesting, and exciting. Let us fill you in on what's been happening in and out of the Women's Center.

| August 19, 2015 | blog

The summer is coming a close and a new school year is waiting just around the corner, which can only mean one thing: it's time for a trip to get new school supplies.

For the last several weeks, the Women's Center has been holding a school supply drive for Hope House families as part of the MLK Women's Hope Project. Women's Center staff collaborated and donated a wide span of school supplies for students ranging from 4th to 11th grade.

| August 19, 2015 | women-girls-and-global-justice, blog

Everyone at the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women's Center wishes to pay respect and offer condolences to the family of Julian Bond. His commitment to social justice will long be remembered here at the Center.

The Maxine Platzer Lynn Women's Center joins the University, National, and International communities in mourning the loss of Julian Bond. Mr. Bond was a good friend to the Women's Center and we shall remember him for all of his work for social justice. 


| August 19, 2015 | blog

The art of coloring is no longer a fond memory from our childhood. Buy yourself a coloring book that interests you, grab a set of colored pencils, and go to town. Coloring isn't just for kids anymore. The art of coloring in the lines is an effective tool for relaxation. When you sit down and color, your focus lies only on that activity. This type of focus pushes the stress in your life aside when pencil (or crayon) hits paper. You tap into your creative side and activate your imagination through your color choices and even choice of coloring page.

| August 17, 2015 | Tips, counseling

President Teresa Sullivan emphasizes the value of a diverse community and urges students to get to know their peers who have a different background from their own in a welcome letter addressed to new students.

| August 17, 2015 | blog