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The Maxine Platzer Lynn Women's Center is pleased to announce that Margaret Edwards, LPC, will be our new Program Director for Counseling & Wellness Services. As a counselor at the Women's Center since 2009, Margaret has provided individual and group counseling to UVA students, staff, and members of the Charlottesville community with a focus on helping clients who have experienced interpersonal violence, sexual assault, and stalking. She has also served clients seeking support with issues such as depression and anxiety, disordered eating, grief, and career and relationship concerns.

Margaret holds M.Ed. and EdS degrees in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from UVA and a BA from the College of William & Mary. She also holds a Masters in International Relations from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and served as Director of External Relations at the University's Miller Center for seven years. In 2015, Margaret served as a member of the Response Working Group of the President's Ad Hoc Group on University Climate and Culture, lending her trauma counseling expertise to the group's efforts to inform how the University responds to sexual assaults that have occurred within the UVA community. Her engagement with the local community includes serving on the board of Wildrock, an area nonprofit dedicated to promoting nature play for health and happiness. 

Margaret will move into her new role leading the center's counseling team as the team's outgoing director, Charlotte Chapman, transitions to retirement. As the new Program Director for Counseling & Wellness Services at the Women's Center, Margaret will oversee the services provided to clients at the center as well as collaborating with colleagues on a variety of outreach efforts that promote the well-being of UVA students and staff and members of the Charlottesville community.


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Congratulations to Margaret. And to the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women's Center for
your new Program Director for Counseling & Wellness Services.

A great combination for all.

Keith & Peggy Ferris

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