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Confidential Advocates

Confidential Advocates

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Confidential Resources at the Women's Center

Our counselors keep their conversations with their clients confidential at the Women's Center just as mental health practitioners do as part of their professional practices in other settings. In terms of information shared with our counselors about experiences of sexual assault or harassment, all of the counselors at the Women's Center are designated as Confidential Employees by the University. When students come to the Center seeking support after experiencing sexual assault or harassment, these employees are not required to share information about the student or event with the University's Title IX office.

Beyond our counseling staff, a few other select members of the staff at the Women's Center are also designated by the University as Confidential Employees. They, too, are not required to report information about sexual assault or harassment that is shared with them when they are in the Women's Center. We refer to these members of our staff, who work with programs that frequently intersect with issues of gender-based violence, as Confidential Advocates.

Claire Kaplan, our Program Director for Gender Violence and Social Change, is a Credentialed Advocate with a Designation of Comprehensive Victim Intervention Specialist by the National Organization for Victim Assistance. She partners directly with survivors as they work to heal, seek justice, and continue their education or work at the University. As a victim advocate, Claire provides information and guidance in the aftermath of violence. She also accompanies survivors to Title IX hearings, meetings with criminal justice professionals (police, prosecutors), and trials. For more information on our confidential advocacy services, please email Claire at or call her at (434) 982-2774.

More information about Title IX is available from UVA's Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights (EOCR). EOCR offers resources for both UVA students and UVA employees on their website. 

Please note that other members of the staff at the Women's Center who are not counselors or Confidential Advocates are what the University refers to as Responsible Employees. They are required to share information with the University's Title IX office when they learn that a student has experienced sexual assault or harassment. This includes most members of our administration and the staff members who work with our interns, Big Brothers, and Big Sisters.