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Confidential Advocates

Confidential Advocates

If you have experienced a sexual assault, please go to the University’s sexual assault resources page or call our Counseling Line at 434-982-2252. The Sexual Assault Resource Agency, a non-profit agency in Charlottesville also offers emergency services and information, 24 hours a day.

Confidential Employees and Confidential Advocates at the Women's Center

All of the counselors at the Women's Center are Confidential Employees. This means that if a student comes to the Center seeking support after experiencing sexual assault or harassment, these employees are not required to share information about the student or event with the Title IX office.

Beyond our counseling staff, a few other select members of the staff at the Women's Center act as Confidential Advocates.* Confidential Advocates are employees that are granted the same status as a Confidential Employee and are not required to report information about sexual assault or harassment that is shared with them when they are in the Women's Center. These members of our staff work with programs closely related to survivor support and advocacy.

For more information on our confidential advocates, please email us at or call us at (434) 982-2361.

Click here for more information on Title IX from UVA's Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights.

*Members of the staff at the Women's Center who are not counselors or Confidential Advodates are what the University refers to as Responsible Employees and are required to share information with the Title IX office when they learn that a student has experienced sexual assault or harassment. This includes most of the staff members who work with our interns, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and members of our administration.