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Our services are available free of charge to UVA students, faculty and staff of all gender identities. We offer our clients an empowerment-based counseling model through which we integrate evidence-based practice with a person-centered approach. Because we cannot promptly meet everyone's needs here, we also help people find mental health support and resources in the Charlottesville community.

For immediate assistance, contact these available, local resources.

Offices to contact for prompt attention:

UVA Students: 

  • CAPS Emergency and Crisis Services, 434-243-5150 (24/7, on-call clinician available) or walk-in during CAPS' business hours (Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm)
  • TimelyCare's 24/7 TalkNow service allows students to connect with a mental health professional any time of day, either by phone or video. Students can use TalkNow to discuss any concern, from conflicts with roommates to mental health crises. Staff are happy to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Download the TimelyCare app to get started with the TalkNow service.

UVA Faculty and Staff: 


Our Process

When you call the counseling program (434-982-2252), a clinician will gather some basic information from you, assess your needs, and explain our process. If we can see you, you will be assigned a clinician, who will in turn contact you about scheduling your first appointment. If we are currently full, we may add you to our wait list, or offer you referrals to therapists in the community. 

The first session is a time for you and your counselor to assess whether they can be of help to you with your goals for counseling. In some cases, you and your counselor might determine that your needs would be better served by another therapist, agency, or service provider. In that case, your counselor will help you with referrals. The Women’s Center does not provide crisis counseling and does not have 24-hour coverage available for counseling services.

The number of counseling sessions varies based on client needs. Faculty and staff may be seen up to 12 sessions. Students may be seen longer, depending on their goals. We typically see clients once a week for 50-55 minutes for individual counseling, and for 60-90 minutes for group or couples work.  

If you are going to be late or need to miss a session, we ask that you call to let your counselor know as soon as possible. To cancel a session, please give at least 24 hours notice so that other clients who are waiting for services can be offered your cancelled time.

Common client concerns

  • Academic concerns
  • Adjusting to college
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Alcohol or other substance concerns
  • Eating issues and body image concerns
  • Family problems
  • Grief
  • Identity issues
  • Relationship concerns
  • Sexual assault, stalking, dating violence
  • Stress
  • Trauma and abuse


Information you disclose in clinical sessions is confidential. We follow Virginia state law and professional and ethical guidelines regarding protection of mental health information. During your first counseling session, your counselor will explain the legal and ethical exceptions to confidentiality, as well as the process by which you can request that your information be shared, should you wish to do so. 

Group Counseling

Group counseling consists of several people meeting with a counselor to discuss common concerns and life issues. Group members give feedback and support to each other in a safe environment. The first few sessions of a group typically focus on establishing trust, group norms, and getting to know the counselor and group members. 

Group counseling can be helpful in several ways. Members experience the feeling of not being alone while working through their personal concerns. Members have an opportunity to learn new communication, coping, and interpersonal skills while supporting and receiving support. Group experience can increase self-awareness as well as offer a safe place to practice new behaviors.

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