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Cross-Grounds Committees

cross-grounds committees

We value collaboration.

We convene committees and advisory groups of UVA faculty, staff, students and alumni to bring perspectives from across the University community together to inform our work. We appreciate the time that members of these groups give to improving our efforts and extending our reach. It is our honor and pleasure to serve on various groups that are also convened by our colleagues in other offices across Grounds and in our professional communities.

Women's Center Committees:

Planning Committee for the 2020 Symposium on Women at UVA

Ana Abad-Jorge, School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Jasmine Crenshaw, Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs
Pam DeGuzman, School of Nursing
Kate Duvall, School of Law
Tabitha Enoch, Office of the Dean of Students
Gertrude Fraser, College of Arts and Sciences; UVA Charge
David Gies, College of Arts and Sciences
Jess Hamilton, Alumni Association
Yi Hao, PhD Plus
Adelaide King, McIntire School of Commerce
Julia Lapin, School of Engineering and Applied Science
Winx Lawrence, Curry School of Education and Human Development
Phyllis Leffler, Office of the Dean of Students
Rebecca Deeds, Morven
Marcus Martin, Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; School of Medicine
Farzaneh Milani, College of Arts and Sciences
Jane Miller, Athletics
Louis Nelson, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost; School of Architecture
Charlotte Patterson, College of Arts and Sciences
Shamim Sisson, Office of the Dean of Students
Catherine Spear, Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights

Distinguished Alumna Award

Jenifer Andrasko, President & CEO, UVA Alumni Association
Lauren Bredar, Student Member
Cathy Campbell, Associate Professor of Nursing, School of Nursing
Phyllis Leffler, Professor Emerita, History
Annie Rorem, Deputy Director of Research and Analysis at National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service
Kathy Thornton, Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Elizabeth Zintl Leadership Award

Marcia Childress, Associate Professor of Medical Education, Medical Humanities & Director, Programs in Humanities
Hannah Lyons, COL '18, Law '21
Barbara Millar, Assistant Dean, Executive MBA, Darden
Colette Sheehy, Senior Vice President for Operations
Brian Smith, Professor and Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Karen Van Lengen, William R. Kenan Jr., Professor of Architecture
Carol Wood, UVA Spokesperson, retired

Rodriguez Lectureship

Jeanne Alhusen, Associate Professor of Nursing, Assistant Dean for Research
Rebecca Dillingham, Director, UVA Center for Global Health
Mary Margaret Frank, Associate Professor of Business Administration; Academic Director, Initiative for Business in Society, Darden
Kirsten Gelsdorf, Senior Lecturer and Director of Global Humanitarian Policy, Batten School
Taylor Lamb, COL ‘18
Cliff Maxwell, Deputy Director, Center for Global Inquiry + Innovation

Men’s Leadership Project Advisory Group

Chris Wilcox Elliott, Assistant Dean for Global Affairs, McIntire School of Commerce
Leslie Fendley, Guidance Counselor, Burley Middle School
Steve Hendrix,  Guidance Counselor, Jouett Middle School
Melissa Levy, Assistant Professor, Curry School of Education
Tremayne Robertson, Assistant Dean, Office of the Dean of Students
Peter Sheras, Professor, Curry School of Education
Chauncey Smith, Assistant Professor, Curry School of Education
Lisa Speidel, Assistant Professor, Department of Women, Gender & Sexuality


Our Work on Grounds

Gender-based Violence Advocacy and Prevention

Green Dot Steering Committee, Claire Kaplan
Security and General Safety Committee, Claire Kaplan
Healthy Sexual Culture Committee, Claire Kaplan, Genevieve Brackins

Diversity & Inclusivity

Diversity Council, Jaronda Miller-Bryant
LGBTQ Subcommittee, Claire Kaplan
MLK Planning Committee, Latoria White
Black College Women Advisory Board, Jaronda Miller-Bryant, Latoria White

Body Positivity

Coalition on Eating Disorders & Exercise Concerns, Amy Chestnutt

Women's Leadership

Women's Leadership Council, Chair, Abby Palko
VA Network at UVA, Coordinating Committee Immediate Past Chair, Abby Palko

Global Networking

Global Week Executive Committee, Sarah Steele
International Events Forum, Sarah Steele 

Mental Health Collaboratives

Motivational Interviewing Learning Community, Cathy Erickson, Margaret Edwards
Trauma Therapist Collaborative, Cathy Erickson & Margaret Edwards 

Our Work Off Grounds

Gender-based Violence Advocacy & Prevention

Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance (Campus Task Force), Claire Kaplan
Campus Advocates and Prevention Professionals Association, Claire Kaplan

Mental Health Collaboratives

Resilient Charlottesville, Margaret Edwards
Providers of Color Collaborative, Latoria White
Higher Education Case Managers Association, Latoria White

Reproductive Justice

Sister's Keeper Doula Collective, Latoria White

Women's Leadership

Tranforming Community Spaces Advisory Committee, Abby Palko