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Does the Women’s Center provide medical care?
No, the Women’s Center is not part of the UVA Health System and does not offer gynecological or medical services.
Many of the UVA offices that do provide medical services for women - from teens and young adults to women who are approaching or beyond middle-age - can be reached from this page on the Health System’s site. If you are a currently enrolled UVA student, browse Student Health's contact information for women's health issues here
So what does the Women's Center actually do?

The Women’s Center is a vital hub of resources and opportunities on Grounds. We work every day at the intersection of social justice issues that affect our students, faculty and staff on Grounds, our neighbors and friends in Charlottesville, and women and men globally.

When you are in need of extra support, we offer free and flexible counseling, as well as digital resources to help you address the problems you’re facing. We’re here, as well, for those who have a friend or loved one in need and are looking for guidance on how to best support them. We have the tools and expertise to help you feel empowered in your life, or in helping others.

Just as importantly, we offer a number of year-long engaged scholarship programs that provide undergraduate students with opportunities to pair classroom study with practical work. Our internship program is an engaged scholarship program that develops women leaders (and the men who work with them!) by partnering students with a staff mentor to work closely with. We also manage two community mentorship programs - the Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP) and the Men's Leadership Project (MLP) - through which undergraduate students study adolescent development with Curry School faculty while serving as a mentor to a middle school girl or boy in the local community. Through all of these programs, students prepare for careers in a variety of fields and for service in the communities where they will live and work throughout their lives. 

Who does the Women's Center serve?

The Women’s Center serves students and the University as a whole, as well as the greater Charlottesville community we call home. We believe that we do our best work when our team and the communities we actively serve are inclusive of people with different backgrounds, beliefs, ages, identities, ethnicities, and worldviews. 

Our services and opportunities for UVA students can be found throughout this site. Many of our counseling services, workshops and trainings, events, engaged scholarship opportunities, and information resources are aimed at students from all of UVA's schools.

We encourage UVA faculty and staff to be aware of the many resources and opportunities here for students you know who need extra support or are ready for leadership opportunities. But if you are a University employee, you'll want to know more about the counseling, training, and legal clinic services we offer for you, too. You will also find relevant publications among our information resources and lots of inspiration for every stage of your career in the coverage of women around Grounds on our blog.

For our friends in the Charlottesville community beyond UVA Grounds, get to know the counseling services, legal clinic, and information resources we offer for you.

Are men welcome at the Women's Center?

We get it. The name on the door can seem a bit daunting to anyone who doesn’t identify as a woman. Men are not only welcome at the Women’s Center, but an important part of our team. Everything we offer, from counseling services to internship opportunities, is available to EVERYONE, including men.

Having ‘Women’ in our name is a reflection of the current gender inequities that trouble our society and a nod to our history. But it doesn’t mean men have no place in this space. It isn’t only women who are affected by body image issues, whose lives may be constrained by gender expectations, or who suffer the impact of sexual assault. Likewise, it isn’t only women who are served by the Women’s Center: the Women’s Center also benefits the men who are concerned about body image, who want to explore healthy models of masculinity, and who know that sexual assault impacts everyone. Men are welcome at the Women’s Center as seekers of our services and as allies in our work to bring about gender justice on Grounds and across the world.

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How is the Women’s Center part of the University of Virginia? 

The Women’s Center is one of many centers, offices and institutes that come together with the University’s 11 schools to make UVA a distinctive place for education, research, and public service. Along with UVA’s libraries, museums, and other academically-related offices, we fall under the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost in the University’s structure.

Can CIOs on Grounds reach out to the Women’s Center for event co-sponsorships?
We are always impressed by the student leadership here on Grounds and are glad to have opportunities to support relevant events led by students where we can.

We are often able to share information about your organization’s event through our communication channels as long as we have all of the pertinent information in plenty of time. We may also be able to provide suggestions for other offices on Grounds and around Charlottesville that may be interested in lending their support.  Staff members or interns at the Women’s Center who have expertise in specific areas may be available to participate in your event as presenters, panelists or support providers. These folks’ schedules do fill up so please contact us with these requests as soon as your organization determines its needs.  The Women’s Center does not typically provide co-sponsorships in the form of monetary donations to CIOs' event budgets. 

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