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Men's Leadership Project

Student Chris Sausa, right, and his “little brother” Johan, center, along with student Garrett Lukens, build doghouses with Sharon Shafer from Houses of Wood and Straw, left, and NBC-29 reporter Moriah Davis. (Photos by Peggy Harrison)

Local middle school boys have taught Chris Sausa (SEAS 2019) the importance of being genuine and showing you care.

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Madeline Speirs

Spotlight: Madeline Speirs

While some people may seem like natural born leaders and others do not, I believe that everyone has the ability to be the leader of their story. 

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Claire Buckholz

Meet YWLP Facilitator: Claire Buckholz

It is so important to reach out and give support or ask for help when you need it.

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Latest from Iris Magazine

Let me capture
Your likeness forever.
Look at me and
Hide your sad....

My dad is sitting across from me eating Eggos. He doesn’t eat them gracefully. They are stuffed...

I was in the middle of teaching one afternoon when a man died right outside my classroom door....



Poe's Office Hours

February 18, 2019

Stop by the Women’s Center to spend some time with our therapy dog, Poe! Poe is a six-year-old Goldendoodle, certified as a Canine Good Citizen and trained as a Psychiatric Service dog. You can find Poe and his owner, Cathy Erickson, in the lower level lounge of the Women’s Center during his office hours. Take a break from studying and come by for pets, snuggles, and refreshments!


Traveling Postcards Workshops

February 20, 2019

Join us in giving voice and comfort to survivors of gender violence through art. This 90-minute workshop is both moving and fun. This event is free and no artistic experience is needed – but reservations are required. Email Claire to rsvp at


Survivor Support Network Training for Students

February 21, 2019

Want to become an ally to survivors of gender-based violence, but not sure where to start? Sign up for our Survivor Support Network Training and join a cross-Grounds network designed to make visible the dedicated support that exists at the University. Contact Claire Kaplan at or 434-982-2774 for more information or to sign up for a training. Faculty & Staff interested in bringing a Survivor Support Network training to your department can also contact Claire Kaplan.