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various representations of students over time

(left to right) Current Iris website art by Kim Salac, Iris Magazine covers from various years, and The Student as illustrated in 1853.

For much of the history of UVA, it was plausible to represent THE student with a single image. It’s time to (re)present what we mean when we say “UVA student” today. 

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Student Spotlight: Rachel Dadoo

Updates on Women's Center Operations during COVID-19


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“Yeah, you would know all about this. I need a lovey, romantic card for somebody,” the large-...

“Yeah, you would know all about this. I need a lovey, romantic card for somebody,” the large-...

Picture a family. How many children do you see? How many parents? Mother, father, boy, girl: the...



Women's Center Food Pantry Pickup

October 29, 2020

The Women's Center will be providing pre-packaged, grab ‘n go bags from our Food Pantry this semester. Hygiene items will be available, too. 

For more information on Food Pantry resources at UVA, click here


Sexual Assault Survivor Support Group

October 30, 2020

Survivors of sexual assault are invited to join this group for peer support and discussion of skills and strategies that aid in healing from a traumatic event.

We will meet on Fridays for 6 weeks, September 25 through October 30.

Please email Cathy Erickson if you are interested in participating. Because this group is support-based and not a therapy group, it is open to UVA students living in Virginia and in other states.


Wellness & Connection Group

October 30, 2020

Wellness & Connection in the Time of COVID

These are unprecedented and uncertain times for college students. Just about everything is different and uncertain right now. Academic life has changed…social life has changed…and even strategies for wellness have had to adjust to the COVID ‘normal’.

Come together with other students to talk about what’s hard, what’s different, and what helps. You'll focus on sharing and supporting each other with some discussion of skills and strategies for improving wellness, too.