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About the Beth Garrett Memorial Internship Scholarship

The Beth Garrett Memorial Internship scholarship is awarded to support a student serving as an unpaid intern in the field of public policy. This award was created to honor UVA’s 2016 Distinguished Alumna, Beth Garrett, who went on from her early work in public policy to accomplish many great things in her 52 years. Beth was a 1988 alumna of the School of Law and was serving as the president of Cornell University at the time that she was selected to be the Distinguished Alumna for 2016. Sadly, Beth passed away before the award could be formally bestowed upon her and the larger UVA community could honor her.

Beth is remembered with tremendous admiration by her classmates and colleagues for the unusual way that she combined intellectual prowess with humor, warmth and practicality. Her gifts were many and she shared them generously with all of the academic and professional communities of which she was a part. Beth knew the importance of equipping oneself to be successful. She understood that small, but significant, obstacles could challenge people’s effectiveness.

We are proud to offer one scholarship of $2,000 each year to extend Beth’s legacy at UVA to the next generation so that they, in turn, can gain the public policy experience they need to make a difference. Those who knew Beth best have said that she would be honored by knowing that students’ practical needs were met so that, logistics set aside, they could take fullest advantage of an exciting professional development opportunity.  



Beth consistently referred to her time at the University of Virginia as the touchstone of her success. She embodied the values of citizenship and service that define our students, our graduates, our community. The Women’s Center convenes a committee of faculty, staff and/or alumni to select the student who receives this scholarship in Beth's honor.

Applications are accepted in the spring from students who have secured an unpaid summer internship in public policy. Internships can be in person, hybrid, or remote. Eligible internships involve working in criminal justice, culture and society (including reproductive justice and civil rights), economic affairs, education, environment, government operations, health, social welfare, foreign affairs, or national security at:

  • a government entity where laws or regulations regarding the above areas are crafted or analyzed, or
  • a think tank or advocacy organization working to influence laws or regulations in the above areas

The selected recipient of the Beth Garrett Memorial Internship Scholarship will demonstrate: interest in public policy, commitment to public service, and a passion for making a difference. Applicants are encouraged to articulate ways that their internship addresses one or more policies needed to dismantle systemic oppression. Priority is given to undergraduate students. 

Application Instructions

Applicants for the Beth Garrett Memorial Internship Scholarship must be current students at UVA and are required to submit:

  • resume
  • copy of the government agency, think tank, or advocacy organization’s letter offering the public policy internship, and a copy of or link to the job description
  • a 500-word statement addressing the applicant's:  area of interest in public policy, future career goals, ways the internship will be transformative professionally, and how the applicant will go on from the internship to make an impact in the realm of public policy.

To apply, submit all of the above items by attaching them to an email to this inbox and send it by the below deadline.


Applications for the 2024 Beth Garrett Memorial Internship Scholarship are due Monday, May 6. 

Please Note

This scholarship will be paid to the selected student in a single payment, to be used at the awardee’s discretion to make the purchase(s) that ensure their ability to be effective in this growth opportunity.

Past Recipients of the Beth Garrett Memorial Internship Scholarship

2018          Shaun Khurana

2019          Taylor Thompson

2020          Jule Voss

2021          Abeba Amenshowa and Revati Joshi

2022          Charlotte Goeb and Sydney Hallisey

2023          Wendy Gao