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Meet Our Counselors

Left to right: Margaret Edwards, Program Director for Counseling and Wellness Services, Amelia Walton, Resident in Counseling, Poe, Therapy Dog / Good Boy, Cathy Erickson, Trauma Counselor, Uriel Santiago, Resident in Counseling, Janie Williams, Trauma Counselor, Aisha Saeed, Trauma Counselor & Body Positive Program Director, Latoria White, Resident in Counseling & Case Manager

Counseling and Wellness the Women’s Center Way

For many clients, our unique approach, expertise, and accessibility make the Women’s Center an especially good fit. Our approach focuses on students’ ability to identify the issues they want to address in their own lives. Counselors then guide them in learning how to do that effectively. Our counselors are known for their extensive expertise supporting college students with concerns ranging from the stresses of young adulthood to traumatic events in their lives or within their families or communities.

Clients can continue to see their counselor here over a period of time to meet their goals. We understand that there are many reasons that students stay in Charlottesville year-round (like jobs, rent, or research opportunities). We offer counseling sessions throughout the summer months, ensuring that our clients’ access to this essential service is not interrupted. Students can also continue with counseling here during a gap in enrollment. Some clients need time off from their studies to focus on healing from trauma.

Please visit the New Clients page of this site or call our counseling team at (434) 982-2252 for more information about accessing our counseling services.

Our counseling team is using a secure online platform for sessions with clients during the COVID pandemic. 

In addition to working with their clients, our counselors share their expertise by presenting workshops and seasonal online tips. Learn more on the Toolkits, Guides & Links page of our site.