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The Women, Girls, & Global Justice team engages students committed to advancing gender justice locally and globally. This collaborative team carries out research and service both right here in Charlottesville, and around the world with partnering NGOs. The fight for global health, reduction of violence, and increased access to education for women and girls resonates throughout this program.

Collaborating with Global Non-profits

Interns on this team provide behind the scenes support to global non-profits engaged in social justice work. Small, lean organizations working in impoverished and conflict-ridden places are necessarily focused on the health, safety, educational, and economic needs of the communities they serve. They often lack the person-power and basic resources such as reliable connectivity needed to conduct research tasks that are necessary for growth, impact assessment, and pursuit of funding. 

Typical Activities for Interns on this team

Interns on this team maintain, expand, and analyze the effectiveness of the Women’s Center’s social media presence. They curate relevant content from around Grounds, the Charlottesville area, and the Web, as well as implementing publicity campaigns for Women’s Center events and initiatives. Summer extensions of this academic year internship are possible. Interns who bring personal connections that can help the Women’s Center reach the full breadth of schools/groups at UVA are encouraged to apply.

Interning at the Women’s Center gives students hands-on experience developing skills that will be useful to them in the wide variety of fields they pursue after graduation. Social Media Marketing interns learn highly valuable skills that directly connect with job requirements in our digital age.

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The Legal Clinic offers professional, pro-bono legal advice to Charlottesville community members every month, regarding such topics as landlord disputes and family law. The clinic is offered every second and fourth Wednesday of each month. To register, please fill out this intake form before scheduling your appointment. Contact us at or 434-982-2361 to schedule your appointment or have your questions answered.

Neither the University nor the Office of the University Counsel provides any legal advice or counsel at the Women's Center Legal Clinic. The local Charlottesville attorneys and other attorneys who may volunteer to participate in the legal clinic are not employees or agents of the University and are not acting on behalf of the University.


Interns and Gender Violence and Social Change staff collaborate with UVA students, faculty, administrators, staff, and organizations to foster non-violent, healthy relationships across Grounds. To build a University community free of violence and abuse, our Gender Violence and Social Change team provide advocacy to survivors of gender violence at the University, engage in scholarship and research on these issues, and train University employees on their roles as mandated reporters and allies through the Survivor Support Network Training.

Iris Magazine is the Center’s award-winning, nationally acclaimed magazine for thinking young women at UVA and beyond. After trying on several looks—from a photocopied newsletter for the UVA Women’s Studies Program to a national journal for women — In 2012, Iris re-debuted as a web magazine for and about thinking young women.

After 35 years of publication, Iris continues to celebrate and empower young women through provocative pieces. The mission of Iris is not only to showcase women’s achievements at the University, in support of the women’s community and in conjunction with the Center’s mission to create change, but to also underscore the relevance of women’s issues.

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Our Body Positive team envisions a body positive community at UVA where everyone enjoys a healthy relationship with food, exercise and body image. Through partnerships with organizations across Grounds we work to provide resources and create awareness about these issues, as well as offer support to those affected. The data that’s available shows that college students are severely effected by body image issues and disordered eating. Through Body Positive, we strive to change that data and have received recognition for our efforts. Robbie Munn, Past Board Chair of the National Eating Disorders Association said, “We are pleased that the UVA Women’s Center is one of our NEDA partners. Their Body Positive program is an innovative program appropriate for all college campuses.

The Women’s Center’s internship program is a selective engaged scholarship opportunity in social justice advocacy. In this learning and leadership opportunity, classroom study is combined with working on one of several teams at the Women’s Center under the guidance of a member of our staff. The practical experience that our interns gain during the academic year provides a context in which they can better understand their coursework and a foundation upon which they can build careers in a variety of fields.