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Sister Sites

YWLP Sister Site Colleagues

Meet the extended YWLP family.

Women at other universities are able to serve as Big Sisters to girls in their communities through these YWLP Sister Sites.  

Sister Sites at Universities

Sister sites at these schools are using the YWLP model to bring college women and middle school girls together to support each other's growth and learning:

If you are interested in bringing YWLP to your college or university, please contact Jaronda Miller-Bryant for more information about the requirements and process involved in being a YWLP sister site.

Sister Sites in Other Settings

EmpowerGirls at YWLP National Capital Area

EmpowerGirls serves middle and high school girls in public schools in the District of Columbia Public Schools and Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Halford Sisters

Halford Sisters pairs local middle school girls with high school girls at Castilleja School in Palo Alto, California.